10 Key Womens Fashion Pieces for Fall and Winter 2011

10 Key Womens Fashion Pieces for Fall and Winter 2011

This season there been a wide range of retro styles and classic pieces that have graced the fashion runways; while simultaneously influencing the current trends of today. In order to successfully live within the realm of the fashion fabulous this 2011 fall/winter season and beyond, there are 10 key fashion pieces that can beautifully act in combination, or separately as an essential part of every fashionista wardrobe.

1. The basic tunic is an easy wear top that can be dressed up or down with accessories or embellishments (depending upon one mood or the occasion). Tailored waist designs, asymmetrical, or symmetrical styles that are created in refined fabrics are all fabulous separates to wear with a pair of pants or leggings.

2. The big knitted sweater and/or cardigan that are made with intricate/textured needlework, and designed in wool or wool nylon combinations are classic and stylish pieces. They are great to mix and match with separates, and are perfect pieces to curl up in with ease.

3. A stylish pair of pants that beautifully complements the silhouette with feminine lines, shapes and forms is a must. Textured styles, heavier tweeds and two toned fabrics will help to provide visual interest and create fresh looks in basic neutral tones and/or patterns.

4. A pretty day dress that designed in feminine fabrics of soft cotton, or silk is perfect to wear in a high neck style, and favorite sleeve length. It can also be dressed up for night time events with accessories (or according to personal mood and/or occasion).

5. A figure flattering midi skirt in silk, wool, or flannel can be worn effortlessly throughout the day and into the night. Classic colors and neutral tones are always the best choices for versatility, wearability and style.

6. The varsity jacket is made for the cool months when a fun, sporty or casual look is desired. The classic style has been revamped this season with neutral color combinations, in lighter/cut away styles. Additional zippered pockets and rows of buttons also update this look in perfect style.

7. A neutral colored cape adds a bit of flare to any outfit. This season sportier version can be worn for casual wear; while the sleeker and tailored styles can create interest and sophistication to any look.

8. Keep warm and toasty in style by donning a classic down coat, quilted fabric styles, shearling, and wool coats with faux fur collar accents, or combinations of all of the above. Classic neutral toned pieces will never go out of style, and they can be fashionably worn for any occasion.

9. For a sleek, modern and slightly edgy look a pair of tall wedge heeled boot will create a long/lean silhouette and elegant style that made for walking. Neutral colors will complement any outfit, while plush leathers and suede help to protect the legs and feet from the outside elements.

10. To stylishly finish any look, a large neutral colored leather bag complete with handles and shoulder strap is a must to carry all of the daily essentials and personal items.

Throughout this fall/winter season there are a number of fashionable options and fashion forward looks that will continue to evolve, and define the current fashion trends. These fabulous style options will graciously enable every woman to effortlessly express their personal tastes in clothing and accessories throughout this season and beyond.

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