A guide on how to make a good website design

Nowadays, if you want to run your website successfully, a good website design is very necessary. Here are some guides on how to get a good website design.

The website logo must be eye-catching

Website logo is just like the person’s face, if the first impression is bad, there will be no repeated customers, so the website logo design must be very eye-catching. Generally, a better design should come from the name and contents of the website. For example, there are representative figures, animals and plants on the website, all of which can be used as a design blueprint. Professional web sites can choose a representative item of their field as a symbol. The most common and simplest way is to use their English names as the symbol. It is very easy to create their own logo by using different fonts, deforming the letters.

Colors used in website design

The color of website design must be collocated after seeing the logo of a website, the collocation of the website’s color will come into people’s vision. As for me, I really hate the colorful website. What do you think? This website will get our eyes very uncomfortable. Actually, the first impression that a website gives a person comes from the visual aspect. Different collocation of colors have different effects, which may affect the visitor’s emotions. In web designer perspective, a standard website design cannot exceed more than three kinds of colors. Otherwise, too much colors will let a person feel dazzling. Standard colors for a web page includes blue, yellow, orange and black or white. I don’t know whether your site is designed according to such a collocation.

The design of the font size

Don’t you consider that I have myopia? Don’t you think your site font is too small? Whether have you received such complaints? Generally, the default font of the webpage is song typeface. In order to make the site have a different and unique style, you can choose some special fonts according to your need. The web producers can choose a more appropriate font according to the connotation expressed by the website. One thing that you need to be sure is that you can only make it be in the form of pictures when using the default font because probably there is no special font installed on the visitor’s computer.

The design of the website’s slogan

The slogan must be very encouraging. When designing the slogan, you need to take the website spirit, the theme and center, or the goal of the site into account. Using rich momentum words or one sentence to describe the website is advocated.

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