Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

Once you get over the fear of the needle and attune yourself to the idea of allowing your body to be a canvass for a permanent piece of art, the next important decision that you will have to take is to zero in on the tattoo design that you would like as an adornment for your body. Most women who are confused about which tattoo to get themselves inked with, generally finalize very common feminine designs like flowers, a sprinkling of stars, and most popularly, butterflies. Butterfly tattoos may seem like an overdone idea with many people opting for these cute tattoos, due to its beauty and the versatility of the design. If you want a butterfly design as a tattoo but are unsure about getting one because you do not want to look like a tattoo clone, then the best option for you is to personalize the design with some elements reflecting your life and interests to make it unique.

Symbolism of Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies, other than being considered symbols of beauty and love, are also associated with flowers. Many people believe that butterflies symbolize the fragility of life. The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is a classic metaphor of transformation from being earth bound to a more aerial entity. According to the beliefs of ancient Greeks, every time a butterfly broke out of its cocoon, a human soul emerged. In Mexico, butterflies were considered to be the patron symbols for several Goddesses. While they were considered to be the spirits of the dead in some cases, they were also considered to be a symbol of childbirth. Many cultures look at butterflies as symbols of regeneration and prosperity. There are people who also believe that seeing a butterfly in your dream can signify a subconscious need to settle down.

On the flip side though, butterflies are ephemeral creatures which signify impermanence in life. The fact that it transforms so many times is for most people a sign of its unstable nature and also the more trivial qualities that we attribute with humans. If you are planning to get a butterfly tattoo, it is always important to be aware of the meaning of the tattoo.

Placement of Butterfly Tattoos

Once you have decided to get a butterfly tattoo, the decision of paramount importance that you will have to take is to decide which body part you should get the tattoo on. Listed below are some of the best areas to get yourself inked with butterfly designs.

Lower Back

The lower back is a preferred area for most women who are planning to get tattoos. This is because of the ease with which these tattoos can be hidden or shown off as the occasion demands. Lower back butterfly tattoos can be big or small depending on which size the wearer of the tattoo is comfortable with. The lower back though is an area that allows you to play around with the size of the tattoo as much as you want to. One can opt for small tattoos on the foot, which can be delicately inked on with the design having feminine strokes, or if you are looking for something that is a bit more dramatic then you could choose a design that extends from your foot till the ankle or even the shin. Butterfly wrist tattoos look simple yet attractive. You can opt for a design that is combined with a Celtic knot or even lettering. This is another area where the tattoo can be easily hidden. One of the best designs that you could opt for if you are placing your tattoo on the shoulder blade is to get a butterfly tattoo that curls over the shoulder to reach out towards the collarbone. You could combine butterfly and flower tattoos for this design.

There are many options that you can avail to ensure that the tattoo you are getting yourself inked with is a unique design that means something to you and cannot be duplicated easily. Always try to personalize the tattoo by giving the tattoo artist inputs before he etches out the final design. Ensure that proper tattoo care is taken after you get the tattoo. This is essential because you have to let the tattoo heal properly. Butterfly tattoos for girls are attractive and elegant designs that can portray the image you would want to put across depending on how your design is drawn out.

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