Can You Be Too Old To Learn How To Tattoo

Can You Be Too Old To Learn How To Tattoo

Question: Can You Be Too Old to Learn How to Tattoo

User submitted question on learning how to tattoo. “Is it possible to reach a certain age where you just have to accept that you have missed your boat and you are too old to venture into learning how to tattoo?”

Answer: The first part of my answer is simple no. You are never too old to learn or do something you truly desire to do and are willing to put forth the effort to accomplish. If you are determined to go after your dream and don’t let age stand in your way, it shouldn’t matter to anyone else either. That said, there are a few factors you need to bear in mind.

Learning how to tattoo will not necessarily make you a contender in the tattoo industry. There is some fierce competition out there many young artists with a fresh approach to art that may be hard to keep up with and may even hinder your efforts in finding an apprenticeship unless you have something truly unique to offer.

Many tattoo artists today are coming from backgrounds in fine arts with college degrees to back them up. Before you begin learning to tattoo, you may also want to consider attending an art school, which will further delay your apprenticeship in tattoo art but will also increase your chances at success.

Tattooing is hard on the hands, and the older we get the more challenging it can become. A steady, strong hand is extemely important and may become increasingly more difficult as you age, which will limit how many years you have to hone and use the skills you learn. This may or may not be important to you, depending on exactly what you want to accomplish during your time as a tattoo artist.

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