Cartier is the most successful international top jewelry brand in mainland China

Carrying the royal blood of the brand gene, Cartier with its luxurious design ideas and never-ending sense of innovation, relying on accurate theme demands, with a solid and effective channels of operation, in the dream of China’s trip in the firm forward.

Cartier is the most successful international top Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry brand in mainland China, for five consecutive years reelection of Hurun “China Regal brand tendency survey” jewelry champion. From the luxury capital of Paris Cartier (Cartier), since the date of the birth of 161 years, has been highly respected by the royal family nobles and celebrities.

In 1992, Cartier in Nanjing Nanjing Road, Manhattan has the first counter, but the first to bring is not the most high-end products, but perfume, leather goods, spectacle frames, lighters and other ancillary products. According to Cartier in the Chinese market, “reclamation” Lu Huiquan’s argument, was in the “global have Cartier” concept into China. Until 1998, the official policy more relaxed, Cartier only in Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza opened the first real sense of the flagship store, the “elite troops” jewelry and watch out. Beginning in 2000, high-level jewelry and diamond watches gradually become Cartier’s “pillar” “trunk). In particular, after 2004, due to policy liberalization, Cartier and other luxury brands began to expand their own. “We sell Cartier’s philosophy and culture on a higher platform, and our selection, style and product history, technology and culture support the high price of the product,” said Lu Huiquan, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier Greater China.

At present, China’s jewelry market by the European and American brands, Hong Kong brand, the local brand three camps. To Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari as the representative of the European and American jewelry brand, its strength, has a strong brand, capital and management advantages: and Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin as the representative of the Hong Kong brand, by virtue of its advocacy of consumer culture and Channel construction advantages, in the Chinese jewelry market all-powerful; and vegetables 100, colorful Yunnan, Yue Wang and other local jewelry brand is by virtue of market segments and geographical advantages continue to move forward. This constitutes a Chinese jewelry brand rivers and lakes of the thumbnail map.

“Everyone has the right to dream, we are responsible for making this dream.” Lu Huiquan said. Cartier how to “dream of China”, and can be so bright, art pressure pack, shining top glory?

Brand: “Where is our brand gene?”

“First survival” rule in the jewelry market performance most vividly, behind the brand is very passive.

As the top jewelry brand, Cartier entered China at the beginning, to take a distinctive brand strategy, it highlights the high profile of Cartier’s royal lineage – “the emperor of the jeweler, the emperor’s jeweler.” To the top luxury appearance of Cartier, its value is certainly not just the product itself, more Cartier love ring replica importantly, it represents the value of the connotation and brand spirit. “In the luxury goods industry such as jewelry, put aside the brand, what is not.” Belgian jewelry brand TESIRO psychic CEO Shen Dongjun admitted. Cartier must provide strong support for the high price, “where is our brand gene?”

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