FIFA 15 skills training tutorials novice – Silver medal(Ⅱ)

Silver skills training

Ground ball

Set up in the stadium beneath a passing zone, the positive control fifa 15 coins will spit out a soccer ball, football players need to transfer to a small door within randomly assigned (a total of 12 chances, total time 1:30).

Compared FIFA14, now reduced to the ground train transmitted frame 4, and the increase in size of the movable plate.

Recommendation: marked as prompt, press the A button to pass the ball towards the goal specified in accordance with the direction to the direction of the ball when the players. Efforts to determine the distance of the door, even if the arrow points to close the door in two angles will vary depending on the intensity of which pass into a different frame.

Advanced ground ball

According to the guidelines passed around five companions, companions will then send the ball players, at the same time also need to prevent the ball being a defensive player snatch range box.

Suggestion: When you want to pass fifa coins the ball easily companion thing, but to avoid the defensive player of the intercept on some difficulty, the best way is to reverse the position of the defensive player of the pass go, you can get rid of only one defensive player.


The left and right sides of the penalty area set up two pitching machine, players need wings came to football “immediately” to the way a header into the top corners of the door frame on the target and buckets, while the middle will be a back and forth movement of people tasikmalaya wallboard (7 chance, limit 1:00)

Recommendation: First note placement of the ball near the two columns on the choice of shooting the ball near the door, followed by people considering moving wall. Two first attack ground targets, because of the small intensity, probably the angle can hit.

Remember when the ball almost fell on his head when pressing the B button to display a header and the ball must be a scare shot.

Advanced Shooting

In the area near the top of a gourd shot area in the four corners of this district have shot four opportunities to take turns spit soccer ball, allowing the player the ball (adjustable position) from the center to hit the door frame inside the box (of 15 chances ).

Recommendation: If the goalkeeper Compliment, then hold down the LT button to turn around and attack or pick the ball; Compliment And if he did goalkeeper out of position, and then in the opposite direction to his direct B key bombers Men; If the keeper does not lose bit, then hold down the LT button to align the direction of the players want to shoot for accurate shot (especially when Hong Xiang remaining boxes, is the most effective).

The most insidious way is to come before the kicker shot area on the right border gates, so close hit the door, the goalkeeper is difficult to block.


Players from the front door and ran toward the circle, but the road there will be multi-lateral movement of people siding, players need to pass through the “human wall” array, and enters the door guarded by the goalie.

Recommendation: The first three people to move the left joystick control panels only need to run straight through to (immediately), and then move the wall in accordance with the trend when it tasikmalaya oncoming, we use the LT button + direction key 180 ° or is the head of 0 ° cut; if not so then you can ignore.

FIFA15 among the silver dribbling, moving plate is no longer a direct hit but failed to announce deduction (difficulty reduced).

Advanced Dribbling

First, the right to change the lightning through the twists and turns of the runway, and then walked up the side, then the board will be to the right to release the left side of the rolling tire, and then push the right stick left to run fast.

Recommendation: First tortuous track, you can use the RT button entire run, once went to a transfer point needs to release the RT button;

When going up, Wang Youce a position outside of the run, so you can avoid the left side of the roll-out of the tire;

The last journey is relatively simple, only need to run fast.
Long pass

Two dummies appeared in front of a moving plate, while the front has four diamond arrangement of frames, each frame has a piece of wood before, you need to put the ball into the inside of the door frame.

Recommendation: To move across the front of the dummy board is a very easy thing, but the players only need to enter the front of the last three frames can be divided clearance, so once enough points, you can direct the ball out of bounds consumption frequency band that is available.

If you want to enter the door far greater difficulty, recommendations are successively removed, and then press the RT button to start displaying strong long pass.


Hit a corner three moving target, not hitting moving dummy boards.

Recommendation: initial state slightly closer to the door of a scare angle direction, and then open a 60% to 30% of the intensity of the corner to efforts to determine the impact point, you only need to hit the ball fall on the strength of three target on it.


In the course of the establishment of a regional circle with four players take turns horizontal / vertical (counterclockwise) dribble, you need to manipulate a defensive player blocking their way to Feichan any one person to the other side.

Recommendation: These players are not fancy dribbling, so the judge tracks on them, they can Feichan near side, and then immediately got up and rushed down the name of the player dribbling.

The ball will be with extraordinary action disc, so every time the foot should be careful.

Advanced defensive

Controlling a defensive player, the other a ball goalscorer, just steals the ball, intercepting a pass will be able to get scores, if the ball into the net nest to lose scores.

Recommendation: Defensive 1VS1 still a good fight, after all, there goalkeeper, just losing position, outside the area to the left stick + B keys intercept into the penalty area on the left joystick oppression or RB key + a key to the attack can be grabbed the ball.


In the restricted area near 45 ° and 135 ° position will have two targets, using the A key goalkeeper throwing the ball hit the target.

In the middle and across half carton building will use the X button to open the door of Bigfoot ball hit them.

Recommendation: Use the A button to throw, the intensity is 70% ~ 80%, to 45 ° and 135 ° throw both sides of the target. Then is the use of the X button to open Bigfoot hit five heap of cardboard boxes, choose 100 percent full strength, angle of words will probably be offset when the foot, the tinkling a certain angle estimate.

If is insufficient, the deviation angle will be greater.


There are two areas outside the area were free kick, but there is a wall in front of the wall does not move, use a variety of techniques to kick hit all targets within the door frame.

Recommend 🙁 above) if it is a straight line facing the target, using RT button + B button to shoot the ball straight; larger swing the ball if there is a certain inclination to use the B button to maneuver the ball or the RB button + B button; ground ball recommends using LB key + B key.

Emphasis on swing angles, so use the B key shot tinkling keys and RB + B key shot.

Twelve yards

Also standing twelve yards point shot, but the goal was changed to a bucket, bucket flew to the football to get points.

Recommendation: the first three balls are purple circle will provide fifa 15 coins ios assistance, but in addition to the very top of the bucket, the rest do not need to look at the secondary.

To take advantage of the three buckets underneath LB key + B keys spoon penalty scored on both sides of the bucket are allocated twice the cross (short), three buckets are dialed down twice (by the time a little longer) .

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