Foot Tattoos for Women

Foot Tattoos for Women

The use of foot tattoos for women is one of the latest trends that is emerging nowadays. Women choose to put tattoos on their feet because they think that the tattoos make them more stylish and fashionable, and enhance their appearance.

Women are generally the ones who are very eager to get the foot tattoos done, but the tattoos can also look pretty attractive on men, if they choose appropriate designs and patterns. Therefore, whether for males or females, you need to need to make sure that you are picking the design that truly gives an impression of your style and personality. You can choose to put a tattoo on the underside or the top of your foot. A majority of people prefer to get their tattoos done on the top of the foot for the simple reason that a tattoo on the underside of the foot cannot be flaunted, and loses color and sharpness more quickly.

When it comes to foot tattoos for women, butterfly tattoo designs have always been a favorite. A small and colored butterfly is one of the most attractive designs that a woman can have on her foot. Flower tattoos are also one of the most used among girls. These tattoos can be very tiny and still very attractive to look at. The best idea is to blend butterfly tattoos and flower tattoos, which will give the feet a more feminine appearance. Nowadays, many well known personalities are putting Chinese symbols tattoos. If you have decided to get a Chinese writing tattoo, simply ensure what its meaning is. Koi fish tattoos are the most preferred for people who love getting tattoos to draw attention. There is a wide range of such tattoos available today. However, some may not like it as they are too complicated in colors as well as in patterns. To attract attention, one may also opt for tribal tattoos. These tattoos have a format which intertwines right around the ankle. There are a variety of different abstract designs and colors to choose from, but a majority of people just get them done in black color.

When you decide on a particular foot tattoo design, you need to search for a good professional tattoo artist. You then need to discuss with him your expectations and how do you want the tattoo to appear. A good tattoo artist would make it a point to apply an impermanent tattoo first, just to ensure that you are comfortable with the tattoo location and how the tattoo will look after putting it finally.

After the tattoo has been put on your foot, it is very essential for you to take proper care of it and keep it clean. Care needs to be taken to keep the tattoo shining, and also to keep the skin from infection, as a tattoo on the foot or hand is most prone to infection than any other part of the body. It is recommended to use sunscreen on the tattoo, as sunlight will cause it to fade away much quicker and make it look old. Also ensure that you keep the tattoo away from chlorinated and salt water, peculiarly if it is new.

Most people refrain from getting tattoos done as they are confused with the variety of choice available. If you are not sure about which tattoo you want, but have a general pattern or idea in mind, you can go to a professional tattoo artist and choose from the various designs they have.

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