Girl asks for 3 little star tattoos in the face

Girl asks for 3 little star tattoos in the face

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Anyway, dad comes back, is none too pleased. Girl apparently cues on dad displeasure and no longer likes the work which she is claimed to initially like [we in “he said she said” territory here].

Long story short: she horrified, wants the tats gone coz she can ne go to work looking like that [kinda see that point].

Tattoo dude says the only way to get rid of those tats is laser treatment [which is never going to look stellar, no matter what you do], he can do that and he doesn have that gear. Won be paying for it, but only charges her $50 because she didn like the work [$50 being the price of 4 stars].

don get a tattoo from a guy to whom you can clearly communicate your needs, it kind of important.

if the guy is doing something you don want, make him stop already.

it kinda hard to believe that you fall asleep when someone is tattooing your face. Very sensitive skin, how can you not notice.

she wanted 3 stars, small, around her eye. Tattoo dude goes for her cheek, nose, chin. At what point does the coin drop and do you go: “WTF are you doing!”

She get the laser thing and that will work, but it leave marks whatever she does.

I can understand that there was a language barrier, but you think that they could have come up with some kind of solution to show the guy what she wanted done.

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