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to serve the real economy. On the one hand, around the buy fifa 18 coins to fall one up, optimize the allocation of credit resources, effectively increase the credit funds, buy fifa 18 coins funds play the advantages of scale, good financial support for major projects the state and major infrastructure construction. On fifa coins other hand, give full play to the buy fifa 18 coins of the network active community service, small and medium-sized enterprises and the “three rural”, is committed to Chinese economic transformation Provide service in buy fifa 18 coins most active groups of customers. In general, the postal savings bank three quarter operating performance is excellent. Facing the complex economic and financial buy fifa 18 coins, the postal savings bank will always adhere to the strategic positioning of the large retail banks, to the service of the real economy, actively develop green finance, follow buy fifa 18 coins pace of upgrading the economic Chinese transformation, steadily promote the work, continue to maintain a good nhl hut coins of development. A digital technology, buy fifa 18 coins inclusive financial problems of Inclusive Finance is a common problem in the world, inclusive financial demand is “short, small,

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