Hata served fifa 18 coins as the Liberal

Hata served as the Liberal Democratic Party in the diplomatic normalization fifa 18 coins Committee, has visited China many times.8 28 day at 10:40 PM, Guizhou County in Nayong Province Zhang Jia fifa 18 coins Zhen Pu SA Community Tree Foot group landslide occurred. After a preliminary verification, the disaster involving 34 households, the field of search and rescue, has fifa 18 coins 6 people, among them 2 madden coins died and 25 people lost contact. After the disaster, Guizhou Province, Bijie City, Nayong County, the first time the rate of the main party fifa 18 coins and relevant departments rushed to the scene directing rescue, and immediately start the emergency plan, organize fire, armed police, public security, health, land, safety fifa 18 coins departments rushed to the scene to rescue. The scene was set up disaster relief headquarters, under the on-site nba 2k18 coins command group, order maintenance group, medical fifa 18 coins group, the surrounding disaster hazard investigation team of 8 working groups in order to carry out rescue work. At present, the scene to save Rescue work fifa 18 coins being carried out.

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