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have no money to his account. She then contact the chief Wang and cheap fifa 18 coins police, the phone can not be turned on. Ms. Shaw will tell this family, in the family that she realized that he cheap fifa 18 coins, and quickly alarm. Deception secret telephone handling, “security accounts” is a scam label “Ms. Xiao encounter is the oldest posing as” public security “fraud.” anti fraud cheap fifa 18 coins relevant responsible person said, the police have repeatedly warned of such a scam, but there are still people caught. In this province, anti fraud center once again cheap fifa 18 coins this scam. This kind of fraud, criminals posing as Public Security Bureau Procuratorate “court” and other units “staff” call, inform the victim suspected of money cheap fifa 18 coins, drug trafficking, economic crime, the victim to get mut coins, to minimize damage ” Psychological, lured the victim to transfer money to the so-called “security accounts” cheap fifa 18 coins by crook, to achieve the purpose of fraud. In the case of Ms. Shaw, a liar in providing the so-called “security accounts” at the same time, also to check the money in cheap fifa 18 coins name of defrauding the victim’s bank card password, dynamic verification code and other information, and then to the victim bank cards were fraudulent. “In fact, the cheap fifa 18 coins case,” security accounts “is such a scam label, hear buy madden mobile coins two words, it can be judged to be a hoax.” anti fraud center responsible person said.

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