Is Underwear going out of Fashion

Is Underwear going out of Fashion

Going commando may have a practical purpose in some cases for either sex. But since underwear serves useful functions, it will never completely go out of use.

Fashions come and go. Some types of underwear may become unpopular. One such fad is the thong under panties. As more and more women discover the health problems associated with it’s use, the less use this style of underwear will see. For men, tighty whities might be out of favor during the summer or for fashion reasons. However, some men may find the security or comfort of this style to be preferable at different times of the year.

2. An affluent, disposable, society reduces the desire or need for under panties or briefs. People used to wear the same pants for 3 or 4 days straight in order to reduce cleaning expenses. (Which is also an environmentally sound practice.) Wearing clean underwear each day helped them do this. There seems to be less thrift or conservationist tendencies today in urban (and often rural) social groups.

3. Comfort. Some under panties or briefs have massive seams that chafe sensitive skin. Like the tag less tees, there should be seamless undies too. Fortunately, some undie brands have begun to be tagless just like some of the tee shirts.

4. Unmarried sex is no longer a social taboo. TV commercials, which children are growing up with, are more like soft porn. Children teens are given the message that sex is the only way to get love or acceptance. The message is: Pantie lines might detract from a person ability to get married or get as much sex as possible. 5. Excessive heat or external temperatures may require men to choose expensive silky boxers for health reasons. So, this makes going regimental (a Scottish term for military style of kilt wearing) practical and cheap.

Some reasons why underwear will never be obsolete:

1. There will always be some social disgust at very large bra less women who flop around in public in a too small sized spaghetti string tank tops. Bras may also provide structural support for larger breasted women.

2. They reduce (according to Cosmopolitan magazine) getting pubic lice (crabs) from sitting on an infected surface.

3. A person who is completely underwear less will eventually get stung by an errant bee or they may discover unexpected things crawling where they wouldn’t be able to WITH underwear.

4. Age and pregnancy will naturally change one’s mind about going without skivvies. 5. Some underwear, like pettipants, can also reduce thigh rubbing.

Overall, it safe to believe that there will be trends for or against wearing underwear. These trends fluctuate just like in other clothing fashions. For the most part, most people will continue to wear underwear.

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