K gold and platinum difference K white gold this argument is actually inaccurate

What is platinum?

Platinum is a natural white precious metal, only platinum can be called platinum. The state only the purity of more than 85% of the platinum jewelry with a Pt mark or called platinum. Common platinum jewelry with Pt900 and Pt950. Platinum jewelry content to thousands of points to calculate, PT950 or PT900 is platinum content of 950 per thousand or 900.


What is white k gold?


K white gold this argument is actually inaccurate, it should be Cartier love bracelet replica white K gold, it is not natural white its seal code “WG”, is the English “WHITE GOLD” acronym, meaning “white gold”, the general sale of Marked with 18K white gold or 18KWG gold jewelry, gold is added 25% of the palladium or nickel white alloy, it is actually a K gold, the gold content of 75%. White k gold is gold instead of platinum.


The difference between platinum and white k gold:


Platinum is a natural pure white metal, white k gold is gold and palladium, nickel, silver and zinc and other metal alloys.


Platinum and white k gold difference is mainly to see the mark on the jewelry, is “k” or “pt” logo. Which ring will be marked in the inner ring, while the necklace is marked at the buckle.


Platinum resistant to strong acid, alkali corrosion, oxidation resistance, chemical properties than white k gold stable.


Platinum is more rare than gold, the price is more expensive than gold.


Platinum glossy and not easy to scratch, high hardness, with it inlaid gem, durability is higher than gold, especially inlaid colorless diamonds, but also shine diamonds bright.




Platinum buy tips:


“Look”. Each piece of platinum jewelry will be engraved with a line of small Pt mark, usually in the ring of the inner ring, necklace buckle or jewelry can be found on the back. It is worth mentioning that the recent market also appeared in the platinum content of 990 per thousand or more platinum Cartier love ring replica jewelry, it is directly marked “enough platinum” words to replace the Pt mark.


“Weigh”. Consumers can also weigh the weight to identify platinum jewelry. This is because platinum is the most dense and heaviest metal in all precious metals. If there are other parts of the same precious metal jewelry, you can also weigh to compare, easy to distinguish.


“Cable”. Purchase the entire Chinese invoice, and ask the seller to provide jewelry name, jewelry and material name and weight, and save the invoice to fully protect their own consumer rights.


The difference between platinum and palladium: platinum and palladium are two different metals. The density of palladium is about half that of platinum, which is very similar to silver. More than 80% of palladium is used in industry, while palladium is currently used as an alloy for jewelry manufacturing. In many countries in the world, palladium alone as a kind of jewelry has no real status, the “Palladium Jewelry” is not a global unified product logo. Although platinum and palladium in appearance with the same Cartier nail bracelet replica white metal, but both in the historical heritage, physical properties, prices and other aspects of a significant difference.




Buy these precious jewelry to the big shopping malls to buy more reliable, the most important thing is to see the label.

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