Luis Alberto Suarez Gonzalez in FIFA 15 also was suspended

A couple of months ago we are still guessing a bite of fame on the World Cup in Uruguay , vampire Soares Rees , will also appear to bite the big move in FIFA 15 , but it is obviously a pattern we broke Tucson , EA Sports said we loved the Soviet Union would not buck teeth debut in football Manager mode , in the game because he was suspended the.

Former Liverpool player , Suarez , when the World Cup this summer because of bite cases have been FIFA suspended , while EA Sports decided to simulate real-world football , so I decided in FIFA 15 game against the Soviet Union conducted Baoya synchronization ban. According to the British website, in FIFA 15 official version, if you choose to start the Master League Barcelona , then you will receive such an email, which reads as follows : Please note that Suarez is still in the period of Ineligibility in 2014 prior to October 26 , you can not use him in the game

In fact the game players have been suspended in accordance with the reality not the first time , which makes the game more authenticity , some time ago , Madden NFL 15 also announced Ray Rice suspended .

Baoya Su is expected to lift the ban a month later , when he will return to the FIFA 15 virtual arena . Of course, if you play a single game mode other words , the use of buck teeth Sue is no limit.

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