Nautical Star Tattoos on Hips

Nautical Star Tattoos on Hips

Nautical star symbol tattoos are some of the oldest tattoo designs, that originated in 18th century. Some people consider these tattoos as symbol of strength and protection, while some people believe it to be a sign of a person being gay or lesbian. Moreover, they are also popular among music lovers of hardcore music and punk stars. These days nautical star tattoos are popular among youngsters, irrespective of the meanings associated with them. These tattoo designs are more famous among women as compared to men. Before knowing more on these tattoos, let us see some brief information on hip tattoos. where the leg bone is connected with the rest of our body. This area is bony and sensitive in nature, as the skin padding is very less. Thus, the hip tattoos are very painful. But many people still prefer this place for tattoo, as it makes hiding of the tattoo very easy. A hip tattoo is basically a sexy feminine tattoo design, because hip tattoos suit more on women than men. Moreover, the tattoo designs that can be carved on hips are large in number. The designs that are chosen for hip tattoos should be small and one can also go for symmetric tattoos on both sides of hip. Let us move to discuss more on nautical star tattoo designs on hips.

Since nautical star tattoos are simple, symmetric and small in size, they are some of the great tattoo designs on hips. These tattoos look beautiful on any part of the body. But the hip region is considered one of the best places on the body to get this tattoo. As discussed earlier, hip tattoos are for women and not for men. Thus, nautical star tattoos designs on hips are very rare among men. However, women choose hip as the appropriate place for nautical star tattoo. And hence, many of these tattoos for girls are sculpted on the hip portion. Hip portion is a very sensuous place to get a nautical star tattoo and thus, many girls opt for this tattoo design. The designs that can be made are plenty, and one can go for a single nautical star tattoo on either of the hip side, or can also go for some symmetrical placement of the nautical star tattoos on both the sides. Nautical star wings are the designs, where wings are drawn in a very artistic way along the sides of the nautical star. Front or back, any region of the hip can be chosen for placing the nautical star tattoo.

The steps that one should follow while getting a nautical star tattoo on hips can be, first selecting the appropriate design of the nautical star tattoo. Usually, these are three dimensional tattoos and not much variations can be done. One can experiment a lot with colors though. Then the next step is selecting the part of the hip region to get the tattoo. This largely depends on the design selected. One can also go for a design that starts from the hip region and continues up to the rib cage, the belly region or upper back. Once the tattoo is carved, there is some special tattoo aftercare, that needs to be taken. Hip bone is the place where pants the waistline of the pants often rub, thus, one must avoid too much of clothing over this area, until the tattoo heals. And since, hip is a very sensitive region, the tattoo bearer finds it quite uncomfortable during the tattooing process.

This was a summary on nautical star tattoos on hips. Hip tattoos pain a lot and need special care till the tattoo heals. It is considered as one of the most painful tattoos. But then the pain is worth it, as the tattoos look attractive and gorgeous on women and moreover, one can easily hide the tattoo with clothing without any special efforts.

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