New Breed Tattoo and Piercing in Dayton

New Breed Tattoo and Piercing in Dayton

Whether it’s your first tattoo or an addition to many, it is important to find the perfect place to go to have it done. You’ll want to be proud of your tattoo, you’ll want to work with people you feel comfortable with, and you’ll want there to be honest opinions on what would make the finished result look its best. New Breed Tattoo and Piercing in Dayton, Ohio provides all of those things! Nestled among what is commonly known among locals as “restaurant row” on Little York Road in Dayton, New Breed Tattoo and Piercing is conveniently located just seconds off of the two major Interstates I 75 and I 70. It’s super easy to find, even for out of towners.

Inside is a comfy and cozy atmosphere. The black walls and ceilings are decorated in the tattoo artists’ own art and other items reflecting their personalities. A large case providing a variety of choices and examples of past piercings are displayed as well. Along one wall is nothing but beautifully elaborate artwork by the tattoo artists in black and white, in color and in varying styles. Within the comfy lobby area are two large black leather sofas to sink into while flipping through one of the many photo books with even more examples of prior work.

You’ll find the friendliest bunch of people at New Breed. They are all very helpful in answering any and all questions. If you are considering a tattoo and are unsure of the style you’d like, one of the artists will give guidance based on your preferences, personality and overall style. If you’ve already got a design in mind, they can help embellish it, if needed, to give their personal recommendations on making the image look better. But, if you want it exactly the way you have it in mind, they’ll do that too. It can be as involved as drawing up a completely original design to walking up to the wall of examples and pointing to one in particular.

After a design has been decided upon, your tattoo artist will take you into their own cubicle where you’ll find comfortable seating for a friend or family member and a large padded table for the person getting the tattoo. Within these cubicles, the artist will have decorated their own space with personal belongings; photos, stickers, and other items demonstrating who they are. Not only does this give the artist an opportunity to express themselves in their own space, it also definitely gives lots to look at while going through the process of getting the tattoo.

You’ll find that the artists are very good at reading their customers. If you’re more on the quiet side, they respect that. If you’re into small talk, they’ll participate. If you’re a flat out party animal and like to chat it up with anyone who walks by, well they can keep up with that too! Basically, the folks at New Breed want to make you feel comfortable during the process regardless of whether it is your first time, or tenth.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting New Breed for my own first tattoo. I had the pleasure of working with the tattoo artist Amanda Leadman, and I was very impressed! She was very accommodating, made sure I felt comfortable with the design and the process itself, had a very sweet personality, and to top it all off, did an awesome job with the artwork! My tattoo took an hour and a half to complete due to the coloring, shading and some detail, but Amanda and the other folks made the time fly by. It’s a fun loving atmosphere that is reflected in the people that work there.

Prices and times frames will obviously vary depending on the particular case. Be prepared to bring a form of photo identification and fill out quick and easy paperwork. Also, if you’re getting a tattoo, be sure to eat beforehand! I’d planned on not eating as I was afraid the process might make me ill. I didn’t want to be halfway through and feel like my lunch is revisiting me. Amanda informed me that eating will make the process easier and boy was she right! Eating ahead of time will better prepare your body to deal with the pain and the entire process.

Whether you’re looking for body art expressed in tattoos or piercings, be sure to check out New Breed Tattoo and Piercing on the corner of Little York Road and North Dixie Highway in Dayton, Ohio. Regardless of the procedure, from start to finish, these folks will make it as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

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