Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Many people, males as well as females, are getting tattoos on their shoulders and arms. These types of tattoos are broadly classified as sleeve tattoos and there is no hard and fast rule as to how big sleeve tattoos should be. Certain tattoo designs tend to look attractive if inked on a bulging bicep.

There are several ways in which a person can select and get a sleeve tattoo. There are several body tattoo designs to choose from as well. But do not make a hasty choice as the tattoo remains permanently on your body. Body art that suits you should be used, not only for sleeve tattoos, but for all tattoos in general. For example, a tattoo that expresses boldness such as flames or a dragon, looks very good on a strong and muscular bicep. A suitable tattoo that represents your attitude has a lot more meaning in itself. It is thus better to have a tattoo that means something good, than have a tattoo that is just a show off sort of body art.

If you are confused about which tattoo to select, the best option that I can give you is to select the symbol of your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is the best symbol that represents you. If you do not want zodiac sign tattoos on your arm, then you can select something parallel to your zodiac sign. All cultures all across the world have symbols for the zodiac signs. Hence there is a wide variety to choose from. These signs and symbols can be conveniently used to make a tattoo design. You may refer to Celtic signs and symbols and their meanings to get appropriate tattoo designs. Similarly, you may also refer to Japanese tattoos and their meanings to have a very meaningful tattoo made.

Cultural Symbol Tattoos

Cultures like Japanese and Indian cultures had a tradition of engraving the name of the person on his or her arm. Similarly, you may also engrave your name in Chinese or Japanese on your sleeve. Sleeve tattoos can also be done in a pictorial form. You can get the pictorial form and it’s meaning from the Internet. Try out something like the symbol of the sun in Egyptian pictorial script. A sleeve tattoo for men in Chinese or Japanese script, that states your name, would also look great.

Signs and Symbols

Floral designs and flames have become very common in recent times. Though these sleeve tattoos for men can be attractive, they do not mean much. Celtic and tribal designs collaborated with flames or floral designs, are at times used to make larger full sleeved tattoos. If you planning to have a half sleeved tattoo done, then the best choice is to select a good, meaningful and simple tattoo design. Smile designs not only look nice, but they always depict sincerity and have a conservative yet bold look.

The meaning of tattoos is the most important aspect of this body art. Hence, be careful and thoughtful while selecting sleeve tattoo designs. It is also necessary to maintain tattoos, by keeping them clean. Also when you get the tattoo done, make sure that the tattoo artist uses hygienic equipment. The artist, from whom you would get the tattoo done, would provide you with proper guidance to keep the tattoo clean.

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