Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberry Tattoos

Strawberry tattoos are not just playful elements of tattoo art, or just another design in a tattoo album. They represent a variety of ideas and symbols that began centuries ago. In modern context, they are exponents of feminism, seduction and fertility. However, there is a lot more to strawberries than meets the eye. Here’s something you didn’t know about the tattoos that represent this luscious fruit.

Strawberries have a story that goes way back in time. One may think that it is a relatively new concept introduced in the field of tattoo art and design; but it is a representation of different cultures and traditions, and is highly symbolic of several age old beliefs. As such, strawberry tattoos have now gained much popularity especially among women.

It is believed that a couple that shares a double ended strawberry, will remain in love with each other for life. These tattoos are an eternal symbol of love and playfulness, and are therefore, an ideal choice for those seeking love. Even for women who want to portray their love for their partner, and heighten the romantic feeling, a strawberry tattoo is a perfect option.

Strawberries have also earned themselves the title of ‘aphrodisiacs’. They were an important ingredient in the meals of newlyweds, in olden days in France.

As playful as they are assumed to be, strawberries also propound fidelity and honesty.

Strawberry tattoos also portray absolute purity, as strawberries have been said to be pure enough to be offered to Virgin Mary.

It is remarkable how a mere tattoo can symbolize so many things at once. You can wear it and give out the vibe you seek, and the possibility of it being misunderstood is rare, because a strawberry tattoo is so versatile.

How and where you wear a strawberry tattoo is perhaps, a portrayal of the message you’re attempting to give through it.

Wear a lonely strawberry to project your feminism. Though single, its bright and bold color adds a spark to your personality.

You can be creative by getting a tattoo that’s growing from a vine. As mentioned before, it symbolizes a wild streak beneath all the innocence.

If you find your strawberry tattoo to be too lonely, you can try to creatively add more colors and abstract designs around it. Some suitable colors are green, black, white, yellow and blue. Even pink is a subtle complement to the bold red.

Get a double strawberry to seek new love or announce your love to your loved one.

Alternatively, you can try a strawberry tattoo struck by cupids arrow, announcing the world of your newly found love.

Give wings to your romance by getting yourself an angel winged strawberry tattoo.

Highlight your sensuality by wearing a tattoo of a strawberry dipped in chocolate. Together, these seductive elements will make you a goddess in the eyes of all your admirers.

Make a choice and wear what you are most comfortable with, as per your liking.

Where you wear your strawberry tattoos is completely a matter of personal preference. Even so, there are a few options you may choose from. Wear it at the nape of your neck, or on your shoulder. Sport it on your arm, or on your lower back. The lower waist is an option for all you mysterious women; visible only to those you wish to make it visible to. A strawberry tattoo on the hip can symbolize fertility. An ankle is another place where you could get yourself these tattoos.

Who would have thought that an innocent fruit like a strawberry had so many hidden aspects to it? It is astounding as to how it has made its way into the world of tattoo art and become highly popular, especially among women. Though always assumed just to be a delicious berry, the strawberry as a tattoo has come a long way into finding its rightful place as a symbol of all that is pure, yet delectable!

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