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Are tattoos on teachers inappropriate

Are tattoos on teachers inappropriate

It back to school season, which usually means a new teacher for your child. The teachers at our local charter school are really sweet and patient and Which got me thinking, aren most teachers pretty conservative?

By conservative I mean, no visible piercings or tattoos. Their daily uniform consists of khaki capris, button downs, cardigans and sensible flats. Although my daughter kindergarten teacher did rock a black sundress (just at the knee) with three inch wedge sandals on the first day of school, I assuming she was dolled up because it was the first day. Three inch wedge sandals don seem like a very sensible shoe to me.

Anyhow, I jaded. I an artist. My husband is an artist. We enjoy being different. The majority of our friends are anything but conservative. Tattooed freaks abound. However, I learned that even though a person may look way out there, they can be as strait laced as a puritan.

Babycenter Community is discussing visible tattoos on teachers. Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Does it even matter? Would you judge a teacher with a visible tattoo? I hope not. I taught an art class for a homeschool co op for four years. The summer I returned with a visible tattoo on my forearm, I got a few raised eyebrows by the administrators ( my, did you always have that tattoo right there? but my students were fine with it. They actually thought it was kind of cool (I was the art teacher, for goodness sake practically a requirement to be weird!) I of the opinion that a little bit of my ink on my skin doesn change who I am as a person and it certainly doesn lessen my skills as a teacher. But, still. Some people may have an issue.

Do you think visible tattoos on teachers are inappropriate? Would you judge a teacher with a tattoo?

Image source: The tattoo on my forearm comes from design motifs of ancient Mexico.

I draw the line at it being a distraction. It falls into the same category of school dress. As long as you can teach your class, and the students pay attention to you and not your tattoo, why do I care? Same thing with student (or, I guess, teacher) dress. If you showing so much skin that your a distraction, or your shirt is attracting undue attention, it not appropriate for school. Kids have a hard enough time spending 7 hours sitting listening to class, they don need your ink competing with George Washington or Algebra.

I am considering becoming a teacher and I have a half leg sleeve on my left leg (from the knee down). And by the sounds of the comments, I am pretty sure that Pennie and MamaBear would not want me teaching their kids (I have a mermaid on my leg and a Sailor Jerry Monkey you can google it But I am also choosing to go into high school teaching because I have spent the past 8 years in the Navy and I can have a Sailor mouth on occasion. And although cursing while at school, and while being a teacher, is frowned upon, I would rather slip up in front of a 16 year old not a 6 year old.

Also, I already knew that tattoos were unacceptable in most of the societies eyes, but I didn care. If being a teacher means I have to wear pants and long sleeve shirts, I okay with that. I really just wish that people would stop caring so much.

Personally, I don like tattoos, I think they low class but they so popular how can I be so judgmental??

The latest was seeing them on practically everybody in a law office think the only ones who weren sporting them were the lawyers themselves or they just had them covered up. Well, needless to say that I hated working with them so I should listened to that little voice in my head telling me to run But I didn want to be judgmental over something like that but they were very unprofessional even if they didn sport the tats but it doesn give to the cause.

Now, anywhere I go I very careful about professionals who sport and show off tats. I think twice about them and since I work in a school district, I pay closer attention to teachers who show off tats and watch their teaching styles and how they are with students. I also look twice at those who don dress professionally either US has gotten way too casual in the business world too.

While I admit that there are people out there with tats that are great and professional, a growing number are not, so what do you do then?

I have nothing against tattoos, I have 5 of them myself, getting another this month. It would really depend on what the tattoo is. I mean, if the students are required to dress a certain way that doesn show off their bodies, then a tattoo of say, a naked lady, should also be covered up as well.

I guess what it comes down to is, I don give a rats behind if a teacher has a tattoo, but if it of an inappropriate nature, they should cover it up, especially if they teach younger kids. Parents might not want their child subjected pornographic tattoos or tattoos of swear words. And I think it falls into the same category as distracting clothing. If it going to distract the class, cover it up.

I am a teacher and have a pretty little tattoo of the sun, moon and stars on my left hip. I deliberately chose to get it somewhere that would not be visible to people when I am wearing work attire. However, I don think it is a big deal if people chose to get a visible tattoo either, as long as it is tasteful.

That being said, one of my son daycare teachers a few years ago had a tattoo of a snake on her hand, curling around her thumb and pointer finger. It was a bit frightening, IMHO. As my husband wryly pointed out, early childhood education was probably not her first profession! LOL It was not a big deal, once we got over the initial shock. In fact, we had a good laugh when one day our son took some sidewalk chalk and tried to give me a tattoo on my hand.

I had wanted to get a tattoo ever since I was 15. My parents did not allow me to have one because my dad thought that you have a tattoo it means you are a bad person or something like that, as if getting a tattoo would change who I am. anyways, 3 months after I turned 18 guess what I did, I got a tattoo and 7 months later I got another one! My dad was so mad, he didn talk to me for weeks.

But I proved him wrong because it is still me and I not a bad person.

So, no, I don think a teacher with a visible tattoo is inappropriate.

As a teacher, if I ever got a tattoo, I would be conscious about where it was placed somewhere I could hide if I needed to. But I don think I would hide it if I didn have to. I work with several teachers (all in their 30 with kids) who have tattoos on their feet and ankles and don cover them up. I don think they ever had any problems from parents or administration. Honestly, body ink/art SHOULDN matter and shouldn indicate that a teacher is good or bad, but I sure for some people the stigmas are hard to overlook.

I am a teacher, and I have several colleagues who have tattoos. As long as they are small and G rated I don see any problem with it.

There is a teacher at school with a sleeve tattoo that is based upon the art from a very well known children book. With the temperature hovering in the 100+ range lately, a few of us have joked that he really needs to do a lesson on that storybook so that he can wear short sleeves and use his tat as a tool. My husband has a tattoo, but you rarely see it bc it on his right bicep and he is NOT a tank top guy. I don have any and I don wish my children to have any. So it tough. Though I like to be open minded, and I don believe having a tattoo makes you any less of a person, I don want my impressionable child to want one too. If you want to teach and have a tattoo, please keep it covered. I in a professional practice and most girls here have them, but it policy that they need to be covered while at work. Everyone has them now. Yes, it all rage But it permanent. And at 16, 17, 18, I don think that truly sinks in.

My son went to a charter school for one year. The only problem I had with the visible tatoo is that my son had to wear blue pants and a white polo. Every. Single. Day. Long sleeved polo in the winter, short sleeve in the summer. Brown shoes. No exceptions. The teachers, however, had no dress code and I found it odd that my son attire was so strict and the teacher came to school with a tie dyed t shirt, capri jeans and a visible tattoo. If the teachers can express themselves in fashion, then the kids should be able too, also. That was one of about 100 things about the school I couldn stand. They opened another charter school 3 miles down the road and moved my son principal to that school promoted the phys ed teacher to principal. I pulled him out of the school at the end of the year and now he goes to private school. Apparently the only qualification for principal was a pulse. I checked her credentials, and I more qualified to lead the school than she is.

Amanda Jones I am a PE teacher and I take offense to your comment. PE teachers have brains too. Physical Activity is something that children need throughout thier lives. 33% of our population in the United States are obese, not overweight but obese. The percentage is even higher for children. Diseases like Cancer and Heart Disease are the countries leading causes of death. Hmmmmm Seems mighty important to me. Please don talk about PE teachers as if they are not smart again. We may not know the exact dates of all of our countries Wars but we do know that what we do is important to the health and wellness of us and our children

These comments are enlightening. In an age where we have the hindsight to learn from the mistakes of societies, shouldn we be seeking deeper more relevant truths? Do we really think that a tattooed teacher will be the most influential reason a child may make choices outside of the traditions they are raised in? Considering the scope of the United States and Global cultures, education about the history of tattoos may be the best medicine. Researching from scholarly sources the different purposes for getting tattoos, comparing and contrasting similarities and differences in tattoo culture as well as looking at how one own society is evolving (if it is evolving at all) would see more rational ways to draw informed conclusions. Aren there more important things going on within the educational system in the United States than tattooed teachers? Another factor to consider are Human and Civil Rights in regard to the US Constitution. Expression even if it through tattooing is a form of personal freedom protected by the 1st amendment. Tattooed people, as all people in a perfect world, should consider being respectful to the diverse community at large when expressing themselves. Knowing that not all peoples respect or tolerate tattoos is a factor in being a reflective human being. I am a teacher of arts in New York City and have over 16 tattoos. Many of my tattoos are visible. I consider them to be works of art. With respect to myself, my family, my profession, and my community, I have first worked to prove my efficacy as an educator before allowing my personal forms of expression synthesize into my professional forms of expressions. However, once the reputation for high quality is built, should I still have to face discrimination based on my appearance?

Jen: The first sentence you wrote is both interesting and coincidental. I am a high school social studies teacher. I have roman numerals tattooed on my right inner forearm and the saying who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it on my left outer forearm.