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housing accumulation fund loans to buy

June 1 this year, Beijing has to fund loan policy has been relaxed. For the Municipal Construction Committee Housing Transaction ownership information query system showed housing units and has settled the corresponding personal housing accumulation fund loans to buy second loan applicant ordinary owner-occupied housing, the implementation of the second set of housing loans policy, the minimum down payment the proportion of funds is 30%, maximum loan amount is 80 million.

Reporters compared the Beijing existing policies and three ministries released yesterday the New Deal, Beijing if the implementation of the New Deal, there are several key issues need to be clear. First published yesterday in the New Deal, that standard is settled, “the corresponding loans”, while Beijing is executed as long as the loan fund to settle; the second is the current implementation of policy requires two sets of Beijing as “ordinary owner-occupied housing”, and The three ministries and the New Deal, just buy “housing” again, the two suites whether ordinary housing and there are no special requirements.

And some experts said that the current high prices at Beijing, even if the implementation of the New Deal, people can benefit from this not much. Because of higher prices,GW2.html the total price of housing is high, if the two into a down payment, which means you need to borrow more, and the current maximum amount Beijing Second Suite loans only 800,000 yuan, so some families only pay the down payment.

Loans 800,000 yuan to calculate, only the total price of less than 100 million homes, before they can fully enjoy the benefits down 2 percent. In a two million homes to calculate loans if only 80 million,tibia.html then the down payment of up to 1.2 million yuan.

Of course, buyers can also choose to fund loans business loan plus a combination of loans, you can get a higher loan amount. However, the current loan portfolio in down payment requirements, “whichever high” principle, that is, to meet the higher amount of down payment loans. At present, commercial loans down payment ratio is higher than the provident fund loans, that is, the down payment loan portfolio will not be in accordance with the requirements of the loan fund, while performing a standard business loan.

Focus 1

Are business loan down payment come down?

This year’s “3.30” New Deal mortgage, commercial loans and fund loans have the relaxation. Which has a business loan for the purchase of housing units and the corresponding loans outstanding of households, apply for a loan again to purchase ordinary housing, the minimum down payment ratio of not less than 40%.

Yesterday’s notice only for the housing accumulation fund, did not involve commercial loans. Next, whether commercial loans will be cut down, it is the social focus.

Beijing Housing Association Secretary-General Chen believes that service point to the loan fund is very clear, is low-income families to buy two sets of housing is improving demand, from this point we can see that the relaxation of lending policies, regulators more concerned about improving housing in low-income families. As for the next step will be cut down if commercial loans, remains to be seen