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FIFA 18 NEWS According to the Italian media, “Gazzetta dello Sport,”

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reported that Turin coach Mikhaili Lavi Si in the match with Bene Wentuo after the end of this summer to join the Italian government Xili ancient praise. I have to praise Benevento, they play well and should not lose the game. Mija said: but football is sometimes like this, Hart and Sili ancient? I can only say that last year we will not win such a game, is Cili ancient let us from the quality of the leap. Mira said:; Salvatore (Sili ancient) played a very good game, I am looking forward to every new person, especially Neon, he must find the state, and now it seems that his legs some heavy Bellotti body also has a little problem. Fortunately, Falke sticks to the end and has scored. I do not know about the pains of Abe and Obi. Mie said: Now it seems Obi’s situation is more serious, if the hole and Basselli and then the situation, I may not choose much. But we will try to find a solution, which is also very challenging. Our mentality will not change, tomorrow is a new preparation cycle, next week is also a very strong challenge, Sampdoria has won two victories. In the match with Benevento, Turin suffered a great challenge, goalkeeper Xili ancient repeatedly made high-quality fighting, and striker Falk until the injury time is only for the Turin scored a winning goal. Donadoni: Naples Serie A strength before the second, we played well – China daily
FIFA 18 NEWS Italian media “the whole market” reported that the third round of Serie A in the end of the game, Bologna home 0-3 lost to win the popular Naples, but coach Donadoni satisfied with the performance of the team. I think we played well, beyond expectations. Donadoni said: “We have to have more ways to deal with difficulties in the future. Veldi He is a good player, I think he should be more confident, because he has a very beautiful technology, we will bring more things. Donadoni believes that losing to Naples is expected, but the team contributed a good game of content:; Naples is a very strong opponent, their strength and the quality of the players may be Serie A two teams, We played a nice game against Naples. Maldini: Obama’s development is far beyond his expectations |
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