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Best Tattoo Parlors in Portland

Best Tattoo Parlors in Portland

Portland, Maine is not only the largest city in the state, but also the cultural and economic center of the area. Despite the fact that it, like most other cities in Maine, is relatively small in comparison to regional metropolises like Boston or New York, Portland has developed a thriving body art scene over the years. Visitors to this coastal area can enjoy the historical attractions, great seafood, and some of the best tattoo parlors on the east coast. Here’s a listing of the best places in Portland, Maine to get your tattoo work done: Sanctuary Tattoo

31 Forest Ave.

Portland, ME 04101Sanctuary Tattoo is definitely one of the best tattoo parlors in Portland. In fact, it’s probably one of the best ones in the entire state. This full service tattoo parlor is home to some extremely talented artists including Jennifer, Chris, Wilhelm, Ryan, and Danielle. The artists here will create custom designs, work from custom designs that customers bring in to the shop, or work from Flash designs. They are also very skilled at covering up or fixing botched tattoo work that was done elsewhere. All in all this is just a very nice, quality tattoo parlor and is highly recommended.24 Exchange St. 213

Portland, ME 04101Biswell Tattoos is a one artist Portland shop that runs exclusively on the creativity and talent of its artist, John Biswell. John is not only an accomplished tattoo artist, but also an artist. In fact, his paintings, which often resemble tattoo style artwork, are often translated onto the skin of customers at their request. The tattoo work at this place is entirely custom and 100% unique. The price varies considerably depending on size and detail level, but John is willing to field calls exclusively to speak with customers about their tattoo experience, the cost, and what they should expect going into the process.44 Pleasant St.

Portland, ME 04101As with Biswell Tattoos, Tsunami Tattoo is a tattoo parlor that depends entirely on the artistic talent of its owner and operator. The owner (who actually co owns the shop with Sue Tran) and artist in question is a man by the name of Phuc Tran. Phuc (pronounced “Fook”) has more than a decade of tattooing experience under his belt and is a truly extraordinary body art talent. He shares time at Tsunami Tattoo with the able newcomer Beth, but it bears mentioning that Phuc’s artistry is generally considerably better. Call ahead and make and appointment, or just drop in for a consultation. Pins Needles Tattoo Body Piercing