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Maybe you guys will enjoy my horde tattoo

Maybe you guys will enjoy my horde tattoo

if not so much. Occasionally I find a real gem.

If someone has something negative (outside of real art critiques which I gladly take) you can easily just say something back and it tends to put people in perspective. She replied quite loudly “not on your life hunny why would you go n pay someone good money to make yourself look soo oogly.” even the cashier 2 people ahead winced when she heard that. Before I can even reply he guy in front of me turns around and laughs saying “Isn she doing the same thing here with the 4 bags of Doritos?” Then the lady got really pissed and pretty much yelled “okay NERD keep talking”. That was it, I turned around walked back to the mini behemoth and said , “Look first off that was not me who said that, second off you should be so lucky that you kid grows up to have hobbies he loves enough to carry them through to their adult years and a job decent paying enough so they can still indulge those things they love, and a wife understanding and kind enough to let me do this but giving enough to gift me some of these as well. Good ink isn cheap, and having some passion about things isn a bad thing at all.” All I get in reply is hey literally saying “Blah, Blah, Blah, bullshit NERD, its ugly, your dumb for spending a lotta money and who are you kidding your BOYFRIEND prolly bought em for you fag.” I was just shocked, Im 6 about 180 I have a goatee and I pretty average looking not even particularly nerdy looking so I had no clue where she got off calling me gay or a nerd but this had to end, and I was almost seeing red at that point. I just sigh and shake my head, and say “well ma considering you seem to have two almost full sleeves of what looks lightning storms you would be more understanding to those of us with ink.” the cashier starts stiffling laughter as she finished my order up and it took her about 90 seconds for the kid to explain it to her and I walking toward the door when she starts bellowing “fuck eww FUCK EWWW queer ass nerd!” I just laughed all the way to my car.

Tl;Dr Just give assholes some of their own medicine. Sweet ink btw thinking of a horde symbol my self too.

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