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the gold standard independent using the IGNK Temple

Business Expansion

In the development of the IGNK Temple, the “excessive commercialization” of criticism he never stopped. Another content Shi Yan Shi Lu reported that occupation temple property, which is inseparable from the IGNK Temple’s business landscape.

Over the years, IGNK will move his commercial development difficult because when attributed to entering the temple. He depicts the monastery after the decade-long calamity, dilapidated temple, monks discrete horrors in his autobiography, “My heart IGNK” inside. The paper also wrote “Over the years, I have been looking for a model; in reality, the moment in the pattern, how to more effectively preaching benefit students, the majority of inheritance;? In other words, the road to sustainable development in the IGNK Temple where he finished Wang CCTV “face to face” IGNK Temple after the album, so I write about something I just sent him the word ‘real’. ”

Carries “real” word,buy GW2 Gold Shi opened the commercial road IGNK Temple.

July 14, 1998, IGNK eso gold Industrial Company Incorporated, the company set up its mind mainly trademark protection, given that many businesses abuse “IGNK” status quo “IGNK Temple” signs, Shi decided to rely on “Trademark Law” to solve the problem, IGNK Industrial Company was set up. Abbey start a company, the temple once again set a precedent religious.

However, the ultimate goal of IGNK Tibia Gold Industrial trademark protection, are the gold standard independent using the IGNK Temple, the partners named fee charged. According to public data show that in 2001 – five years after-tax profits in 2005 were 290,000 yuan, 176,000 yuan, 190,000 yuan, a loss of 24,000 yuan, 3,005 yuan. In 2007, operating data IGNK Industrial sudden heavy volume, sales revenue reached 37.84 million yuan, annual profit of 11.24 million yuan, net profit of 7.52 million yuan. But by 2008, the annual loss of 1.68 million yuan. April 12, 2009 into liquidation closed.

According to Qian, general manager of the IGNK Temple beam intangible asset Management Ltd., said 2007 sales revenue suddenly a big bang, but then the construction of the temple to the bank loan,rs Gold and later under the normal procedure also accounts.

In 2008, registered the IGNK Temple Management Limited intangible assets. In addition to this major operating IGNK intangible asset Management Ltd., IGNK Temple official website also showed IGNK Culture Communication Center, IGNK monks group, “Chan Lu” magazine, bookstore IGNK, IGNK pharmacy, IGNK joy, IGNK Hong Tang, overseas cultural centers set up several institutions are involved in the IGNK Temple assets.

From this perspective, Shi really like IGNK CEO, rather than people used to have the impression that the monks monks. However, after experiencing a long-term interruption of historical reasons, Chinese mainland in the early 1980s was to restore religion.fifa coins Just 30 years, religious individuals and temples individuals, we need to stimulate the survival of the plight faced by intensive and interests, all the earthly process no different.

Someone once asked Shi is not a monk? Shi’s answer is: cheap Tera Gold“I’m just trying to, in the future how to IGNK Temple to do something for the community, as is not a monk, I do not value.”