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5 Tattoos You Definitely Should NOT Get

5 Tattoos You Definitely Should NOT Get

1: The name Tattoo I know this one seems pretty self evident, but unless you’re tattooing the name of someone permanent like your CHILD or your MOTHER on your body, I wouldn’t recommend tattooing anyone else’s name on your body. Even if you think you are in the deepest, truest love there EVER was, there is no telling what the future holds. Tattoo removal is expensive and painful, and yes, everyone can tell that the big black tribal is a coverup. Which leads me to the next one.

2: Tribals

Sorry, but unless you’re descended from or have had some sort of life changing experience from that tribe, nobody should be getting tribal tattoos. Your reasoning for putting something on your body permanently should be a whole lot more than just, “wow, this looks awesome!” Tattoos are FOREVER! Tribals are no longer “cool” and I’m pretty sure that the guy at the tattoo shop has sold that same tribal design to a hundred other people. Seriously.

3: The Lower Back Tattoo

Also called the “Tramp Stamp” and the “Slag Tag,” putting a tattoo on this part of your body will automatically put you up for some seriously negative presumptions. The slang terms alone should speak for what getting this kind of tattoo would mean for meeting new people.

4: Pop Culture isms

Getting the Apple logo or a Lady Gaga portrait might seem awfully cool right now, but think about ten years from now. Things happen, times change, celebrities get shamed or come out with information about themselves you may disagree with. You never know if that next album is going to be a disaster, or if Mountain Dew is still going to be your favorite drink years down the road.

5: Armbands

Although this is a bit of a throwback to number 1, it needed its own category for sure. Not only does having a tribal/barbed wire/rose vine/whatever band tattooed around your bicep scream, “I’m trapped in 1997 and I can’t get out!” it also says, “This tattoo is completely meaningless!”

Getting a tattoo should be something endowed with incredible personal meaning, but also should never be something that could potentially be temporary like a relationship, a pop culture obsession, a fad or trend. Tattoos are FOREVER, and you don’t want to be trying to figure out how to cover or remove that tattoo you got “back then” when you’re older and wiser. Think about what your favorite thing in the world was 10 years ago. is it still your favorite now? Probably not.

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