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The campaign Chris Paul scored 28 points and 4 nba 2k17 coins and 9 assists

Beijing time on April 26, the Clippers home 92-96 lost jazz, the nba 2k17 coins match 2-3 behind. The nba 2k17 coins Chris – Paul scored 28 points and 4 rebounds and 9 assists, the distal scored 15 points, but still is an empty cut. In the last 5 seconds, Paul hit a big heart three points, the Clippers have no suspension, back to the world. “They hit the winning ball in the tug of war, so we lost,” Paul said. Griffin’s season reimbursement Paul’s burden on the nba 2k17 coins heavier, and today Paul is tired. “Chris is tired early,” Clippers coach Rivers said, “no Griffin, the first 7 minutes Paul is the only one to deal with the ball, it is too hard, it hurt our attack, so we Must make adjustments. ”

“I think our defense is doing well and the offense is not good,” Rivers buy myteam points nba 2k17. Today, after losing, the Clippers have been retreated, turning to the loss, Rivers said, “You know, this is a tough defeat, but I will not be dejected, the team will not give up, look at the locker room The players, you will know that we will take nba 2k17 coins desperate spirit to Utah, we will not give up. When a reporter asked Paul, whether there will be seven wars, Paul first surprised, and then asked “what ?!” expressed dissatisfaction with myteam points 2k17 reporter’s question. Although it was in danger, but Paul still did not lose confidence, he said, “We are now nba 2k17 coins into desperate, it is not a secret.Fortunately, our locker room, a lot of players in a few years ago experienced such a situation Next, we are going to fight the hard road, and then return to the home to win the tie – break battle, do the things to do.