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the Information fifa 18 ut coins Office of the State

in September 25th, the Information Office of the fifa 18 ut coins Council issued a “Chinese Diaoyu Island is inherent territory. The sound China > White firm, promote world understanding on fifa 18 ut coins Diaoyu Islands issue, caused widespread concern in March.2014, a film called” the truth of the Diaoyu Islands. The American documentary released in Losangeles. [] the fifa 18 ut coins period when the truth of the Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands in the documentary < > Chinese famous navigator Zheng He, has a fifa coin store description. Another historical fifa 18 ut coins is, in 1783 to draw charts, and in 1876 the Japanese official drawing Japan map shown above, Diaoyu Islands are not part of Japan. [over the same period] < > documentary fifa 18 ut coins Islands truth of director Christie than the world needs to know the truth, because the world does buy hut coins nhl 18 know, because of the western media Our prejudice, this is not always fifa 18 ut coins by people. The fact is that the Diaoyu Islands are China, and this fact has existed for hundreds of years. [commentary]

Ministry plans at the end of this year deployed

Japan Maritime Self Defense cheap tera gold Force and Coast Guard will hold a joint training to deal with “gray situation”, Kyodo News admitted that Japan is considering a move to strengthen its activities in the Chinese Diaoyu Island and its surrounding waters. The Japanese government stepped up to strengthen the “southwest side” defense forces, on the other hand is pushing the Chinese and Japanese governments signed aimed at avoiding accidental conflict, “a maritime liaison mechanism” to create agreement. Public opinion in Japan,buy tera gold the Japanese government intends to diplomacy, defense, strengthening two initiatives intended to deal with China.
Japanese media analysis, said on July 7, the East China Sea, China strong performance in September 2012 after the Government of Japan on the Diaoyu Islands to implement the so-called “nationalization” policy, official boat into the Diaoyu Islands 12 sea miles continuously. 2014 May and June also occurred over the situation in the East China military aircraft unusually close SDF aircraft.
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Japan’s Defense Ministry plans at the end of this year deployed in Okinawa and Yonaguni-cho coastal monitoring force, set up the new head of year-end 2017 to recapture the islands amphibious task group and other motor, the southwest region to strengthen the defense forces.
In addition, in the case of Japan and the police can not cope MEPC, the Japanese government cabinet meeting via telephone orders SDF maritime garrison-up. Compared with the past, the SDF can be performed more quickly respond to strengthen cooperation with MEPC’s became a top priority.
On the other hand, in order to meet short-Japan summit in November 2014 as an opportunity, because of the Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” interrupted the two countries’ maritime liaison mechanism “consultation in January 2015 restart. The two sides are negotiating an agreement in the fastest this month.
On Japanese government official said: “Through diplomatic efforts, and it is important to respond both to maintain and increase the effective deterrence including departments, including.