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Geeky Math Tattoos

Geeky Math Tattoos

Math TattoosMost people are clueless when they come across a math or equation tattoo, as they’re definitely a part of the mathematics culture and just as difficult to figure out on the skin as it was in text books.

Interestingly, various math problems can speak to those that understand them, and can even come close to representing emotion to those who know what they’re looking at.

Even so, the design of the tattoos, which are simply, in most cases, the way an equation is written out, is very interesting, and could be considered art.

But whether you see it that way or not, the math tattoos below are understood and appreciated by the experts, and are a fascinating look at one segment of our society.

Okay. Here’s the one math item most of us will at minimum remember from out school days. I like it because it is one that in fact looks like a piece of art from the nice looking font it’s made of.

This is an amazing tattoo, if for no other reason the size of it, which takes up the full top of the back.

It won’t mean much to most readers, but this is actually three different equations, one on each line.

The first is the Born Oppenheimer Approximation. Next is the same equation in the form of a 3 Dimensional Schrdinger Equation (if you don’t know, don’t ask), and the last line is the solution in the form of a Schrdinger Equation.