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Do you regret any of your tattoos and why

Do you regret any of your tattoos and why

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It not that they wouldn understand, it just that me explaining my tattoos would introduce a certain intimacy into the conversation. Now with my close friends, I have no problem explaining their meanings, as I can be fairly certain that they will be able to share a similar sentiment with me in return.

However, I have had people I don know so well ask what my tattoos mean. At this point, honestly telling them would introduce that previously mentioned intimacy into the conversation. This might make the conversation awkward for me if I am unable to ask a question in return that would require this person to explain a sentiment of similar intensity.

With people who have tattoos, this is easy: you trade one tattoo for another. But if you don have a tattoo, I might find myself opening up to somebody who underestimates the meaning behind my tattoos or for any other reason is unwillingly to share something personal in return. Or perhaps they don understand why I would get a tattoo, even if I explain the meaning behind mine.

To put it another way, let use your example of the ring. How would you react if a random person who didn wear jewelry asked why you wore that ring? Would you feel comfortable opening up to this person, who presents no visual cue that they have a similar connection to something with which they adorn themselves? On first glance, would you expect this person with no jewelry themselves to even understand your ring?

Now keep in mind that there are two differences between the ring and tattoo analogy worth noting. First is that a lot more people wear jewelry than tattoos, so there is a higher chance that you are able to trade one experience for another. And the second, which is more important, is that jewelry is decorative. It made to be seen and it put out in the open for people to see, so you can be certain that at some point, somebody you don know well will ask you about an item of jewelry you are wearing. With tattoos, they are often concealed beneath normal clothing, as mine are. In most cases, just seeing that I have tattoos means that I have a particular connection to the person. But when somebody I don know well catches me in a situation in which my tattoos are exposed, I feel that there is an uncomfortable unfamiliarity, a violated personal boundary, with the question as my tattoos hold private sentiments. Usually this is not a deliberate misstep, but it still makes me feel uncomfortable being coerced to opening up to this person.

But if the person has a tattoo of their own, I can recognize them as someone of a similar mindset who understands that some tattoos are very personal, and this person is less likely to ask what a tattoo means if they unwillingly to explain their own. Honestly, trying to explain this makes me feel as if this almost a cultural thing.

i was 15 when i got my first tattoo; my friends and i with a sewing needle, thread and ink. got me a sexy cross tattooed on the top of my left arm. despite the fact that i am jewish. i thought it was a great idea.

when i was 16 we found a tattoo artist who worked out of the basement of his home, and he didn car how old you were as long as you paid cash, and didn tell anyone where you got the tattoo from (unless you were referring a customer). underneath the cross on my left arm, i had an anarchy symbol, and on my right arm i had (this doesn really translate to english) zofo. jimmy page symbol.

when i was 18, i started to work as a model, and the tattoos had to go. i hated them, and by that point had summed it all up as stupid adolescent choices. i had no money to get the tattoos removed, so i told my granny that i needed tuition money for school. they were removed shortly thereafter, however. the shitty DIY cross still won come out. it was in there deep.

i also have cherries tattooed on my stomach (they matched a swimsuit i bought), the roman numeral IV on my left arm (i tell people it my “four”arm) and something weird and very 90 on my right upper thigh.

EDIT: yes, it was a typo. “zoso” not “zofo”. but either way, the tattoo looked exactly the same, so it wasn a typo on my body.

Yes. I only have one tattoo, but I got it in unplanned increments. I got a thing, then later added a thing to it, and then added a final thing to it. I liked the first bit, LOVED the second bit. A very good tattoo artist saw what I had so far and said, “you should add this other thing, it would look really cool!” and I was like, “yeah, great idea! But I don have any money, so maybe later.” Then this one day I was feeling really depressed for some reason and decided I should go get that addition he had talked about. He wasn working the shop that day, so I let someone else do it. But it wasn my vision, it was that artist vision. I didn describe it well, didn really think about it very long, didn know exactly how I wanted it to look. The guy did his best, but it doesn match the rest of my tattoo. People who see my tattoo say they really like it, but I very meh about it. I would love to keep the original two portions and somehow remove the third part, but I don know if it possible, one blends into the other kinda. Also money.

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