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Moon of the anger “World of Warcraft” 7.3 balance Druid PVE entry Raiders

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 ”World of Warcraft” 7.3 version has been opened, the balance of Germany to superior AOE ability (selling Meng to obtain a great version of BUFF) to become the biggest winner, the overall DPS capacity to rise a step to TI’s top three positions. Especially in the present Zarglas tomb of a variety of rolling conditions, so that Warlock and other AOE career completely shame. Plus the current wild German specialization is not weak, juvenile you really do not come to practice selling Meng Germany?

Single output universal talent

AOE output universal talent
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PVE entry talent selection
  The first layer: Elune’s warrior (multi-target) / star lord (monomer)

  The second layer: the wild displacement – much better than the displacement of the displacement skills, no delay and CD short.

  Level 3: Restoring Affinity – Passive treatment is better than passive tolerance for bear-bear affinity. Bear kiss and injury better.

  The fourth layer: brute force hit (GM); Typhoon (spare), hair, but D’s unique experience among the birds love the most dry thing is to blow a blow across the cliff.

  The fifth layer: the soul of the jungle (AOE); incarnation: Ai Luen of the (monomer outbreak)

  Sixth floor: ancient blessing (monomer); falling star (multi-target)

  The seventh floor: stars drift (multi-target); natural balance (monomer)
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