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Fangshan District fifa 18 coins Baihua mountains

Fangshan District Baihua mountains. Students have no fifa 18 coins, but through contact WeChat and parents say they are trapped, parents are worried about the alarm. After fifa 18 coins the alarm, Fangshan Public Security Bureau historian The police station 4 police officers in the camp with the mountain scenic area management office staff to carry out fifa 18 coins operations. The police have been looking up the mountain, for a period of time but no trace, and contact the trapped students, the student cheap fifa coins police received calls. fifa 18 coins by WeChat with the parents of the students to share information, to find the school teacher, and went to find the community leader. Finally made contact, time has fifa 18 coins more than one hour. After 20 students and community leader contact to know, a pedestrian is the mountain community by the nhl 18 coins side, ready to climb back on the fifa 18 coins, accidentally lost in the back way. Now find the way down the mountain, down the mountain.