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Is Fetish Fashionable

Is Fetish Fashionable

I find myself asking the same questions over and over again, “Is it me, or is there more Fetish Fashion in the public domain?” The first time I noticed Fetishism being fashionable was Madonna’s leather and lace outfits during the late 80’s. I was much younger then and I wasn’t formally introduced into the fetish lifestyles until the early 90’s. ( That is another horror story for another time.)

Since that time I have noticed different themes running just under the surface, popping up from time to time in public display.

Leather and whips might be considered intimate wear for freaks, to most people in the vanilla world, but more and more these items show up in public places on an ever younger generation of Americans.

References to Old Guard, Hanky Codes, and Speak Easy’ Joints are really old today, but not as old as what people deemed ‘Rebellious’ just a short time ago.

Once upon a time ( Can also be read as Oh My God, Am I That Old? ) there were rules to what was worn in public. Even in the time of Hippies and Free Love, some things just weren’t brought out in public. If you owned a set of Handcuffs, you were a Cop. If you kept a cuff key on your keychain and you weren’t a cop, you would be arrested. If you wore leather openly you were a Biker or a real life cowboy going eight seconds with a bronco.

In some circles these items had specific meanings, and were only worn if you were looking for a particular fetish or sexual encounter.

Today you can see little leather mini skirts, leather corsets, and leather collars on a teenager walking down the street, and if you look to long or too hard, people look at you like you’re a sexual predator. Tapping your foot in a restroom can get you arrested, (mental note; leave the iPod elsewhere, when using a public restroom), and dating is done through iPhone, blue tooth, wi fi, and and about 700 different web sites, online.

People wear ear rings, nose rings, face piercing, belly rings, and genital piercings to Job Interviews. I have personally seen ribcage piercing and “corseting” displayed openly at “Family” restaurants, on the waitresses.

Some people say these are signs that the sexual repression of the past is finally washing away, and they may be right. It may all be simply that the taboos of the past are simply stylish rebellion today. But I just cant help wondering, is that little goth chick really looking for a new owner?, or is she just being fashionable? I’ll stay on the side of reason on this one. Chances are, she’s being fashionable, after all, she’s probably only 18, and has no idea that wearing that combination of hankies on her left wrist, is an invitation for Lifestyle Dominants to approach her.

As a Dominant in my own right, I don’t particularly like being the one in the cage. We’ll stay away from the police stations today.

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