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In 2014 aeigm game industry issued

In 2014 aeigm game industry issued a report on the meeting, the Oriental pearl executives Hu Chong has revealed, legal channels version of Microsoft Xbox One and SONY playstation 4 host after the release, in the game of domestic sales of more than 30 sets of (+ entity version download version); Chinese sound number of games committee, said in a report, to calculate the average price 250 aeigm, the game overall sales income less than 100 million yuan.

On July 29, SONY in a campaign aeigm of “all for the players”, aeigm and its top executives, even with their introduction in Chinese and show a series of cool games, but the data shows, the upcoming online only three games.

Data show that the Xbox game already on the aeigm in home 40, eight for the domestic game, 20 in the trial, 60 in the development, but Hu Chong revealed that developers signed has amounted to more aeigm 150.

Scarce a game on the market aeigm the main reason is that the government’s censorship of the game content is still strictly.

Xbox One legal channels aeigm the online game “halo: sergeant for long collected from October 2014, it was not until the end of may this year to relevant departments for approval.

“Examination aeigm approval can’t treat as the same, some game requires more time.” The game developers 343 Industries tell tencent, head of the science and technology, although some aeigm through the audit, gw2 gold farming there is still a agency to help it to ensure that the game content without content banned by the Chinese government and pictures.

So strict aeigm, and take the review process, direct cause of many game developers feel hesitate to follow up the market.

Le funny game aeigm Microsoft will ported to Windows Phone, COO Su Meng tell tencent technology, host game has already started to communicate with Microsoft, may restart recently, but he also stressed that the market still need to see, look at the policy specific to the next.