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in order to strengthen discipline and prevent official

The CPC Central Committee recently issued a newly revised “Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations”, a total of 1.7 million full-text characters, including the “political rules” reflect refinement, the relevant provisions including the “jump Yee central major policies,” “patronage” “engaged in unprincipled Harmony “and so on.
According to Hong Kong eso gold “South Online GOld Morning Post” Web site on Oct. 22 reported that in January this year, put forward the “political rule.” Since then, the political rules violate began to appear frequently in the Central Discipline Inspection Commission officials sacked punishment communications, including Ling Jihua, et al.
It reported that the October 21 announcement of the new “Regulations”,DAOC Plat the clear provisions of article 46, published contrary to the Four Cardinal Principles, contrary to distort the party’s reform and opening up decision-making, or other serious political problems articles, speeches, declarations, statements, etc.; jump Yee central major policies, undermine the party’s centralized; demonize the party and the country’s image, or slander, slander the party and state leaders, or distort history military history, the circumstances are relatively minor, given a warning or a serious warning; if the circumstances are serious, shall be removed from party posts or placed on probation; if the circumstances are serious, give expelled from the party.
Reported that “non-organized political activity” Central Discipline Inspection Commission briefing also no clear definition of the newer and argument. In the new “Regulations”, Article 52 stipulates that the party engaged in group gang gang, clique, cliques, cultivate or by private forces to engage in exchange of interests, and other activities to create momentum for their own gain political capital, to give a serious warning or removal from Party posts punishment; the circumstances are serious, given probation or expelled from the party.
According to Reuters, October 22 reported that, in order to strengthen discipline and prevent official corruption, the CPC for the first time playing golf and eating and drinking and other irregularities as a disciplinary offense, while the regulation of illicit sexual relations are also more stringent.
It reported that since the end of 2012 to become general secretary of the CPC since, has carried out a massive campaign against corruption. Official corruption, and eat and drink and other living extravagant banquets behavior aroused public anger.
It reported that the newly revised “Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations” more clearly defined for misconduct made. New “Regulations” for the first time apply to all members, but also includes new self-discipline guidelines.
Clear provisions of the new “Regulations”, in violation of the relevant provisions of the acquisition, holding, use actual golf cards as well as eating and drinking, etc. to a disciplinary offense.
In many Chinese people, some officials are playing by the name of golf were dirty business, but this is not supposed to serve the people of government officials that some activities.
It reported that the new rules will also previously about the “adultery” “mistresses (husband)” and other acts of punishment was extended to “an improper sexual relations with others.” Previous charges of adultery often mentioned in official corruption cases in order to show that these people immoral, should be punished.
According to the BBC website reported on October 22,Blade and Soul Gold the CPC Central Committee recently issued “Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations”, which is old for 2003 “Regulations,” the latest revision.
Reported that Online GOld National School of Administration professor Wang Yukai analysis, integrate new regulations clarify the party’s “negative list” of party members and cadres of the fact that the scope of prohibited conduct has been adjusted, content refinement, operational, not only what kind of behavior can not be warned party members and cadres do, and proposed a clear basis for punishment.
Professor Xin Ming the Central Party School, said that political discipline, and political rules and other previously difficult to grasp, there is a gray area, this amendment explicitly listed, you can “condemnation.”
Vice President of Online GOld University of Political Science Ma Huaide that the original “Regulations” The biggest problem is the law, regardless of discipline, of which nearly half is redundant criminal law, Public Security Administration Law and so on, it is practically difficult to use, but also a waste of administrative costs, even in a very few In the case of discipline on behalf of the law, pre-empt the case will appear.
Reported that Ma Huaide said the new “Regulations” old “regulations” in the 10 categories of disciplinary offense classification, integrated into six categories: political discipline, organizational discipline, honesty and discipline, discipline, and work discipline, disciplined life, and clear column of each class of the “negative list”, “mass discipline, disciplined life is not the old classification regulation, ‘negative list’ of various types of misconduct in supplementary question since eighteen newly discovered, including pull gangs school, engage fellow will, jump center and other meetings. “

the gold standard independent using the IGNK Temple

Business Expansion

In the development of the IGNK Temple, the “excessive commercialization” of criticism he never stopped. Another content Shi Yan Shi Lu reported that occupation temple property, which is inseparable from the IGNK Temple’s business landscape.

Over the years, IGNK will move his commercial development difficult because when attributed to entering the temple. He depicts the monastery after the decade-long calamity, dilapidated temple, monks discrete horrors in his autobiography, “My heart IGNK” inside. The paper also wrote “Over the years, I have been looking for a model; in reality, the moment in the pattern, how to more effectively preaching benefit students, the majority of inheritance;? In other words, the road to sustainable development in the IGNK Temple where he finished Wang CCTV “face to face” IGNK Temple after the album, so I write about something I just sent him the word ‘real’. ”

Carries “real” word,buy GW2 Gold Shi opened the commercial road IGNK Temple.

July 14, 1998, IGNK eso gold Industrial Company Incorporated, the company set up its mind mainly trademark protection, given that many businesses abuse “IGNK” status quo “IGNK Temple” signs, Shi decided to rely on “Trademark Law” to solve the problem, IGNK Industrial Company was set up. Abbey start a company, the temple once again set a precedent religious.

However, the ultimate goal of IGNK Tibia Gold Industrial trademark protection, are the gold standard independent using the IGNK Temple, the partners named fee charged. According to public data show that in 2001 – five years after-tax profits in 2005 were 290,000 yuan, 176,000 yuan, 190,000 yuan, a loss of 24,000 yuan, 3,005 yuan. In 2007, operating data IGNK Industrial sudden heavy volume, sales revenue reached 37.84 million yuan, annual profit of 11.24 million yuan, net profit of 7.52 million yuan. But by 2008, the annual loss of 1.68 million yuan. April 12, 2009 into liquidation closed.

According to Qian, general manager of the IGNK Temple beam intangible asset Management Ltd., said 2007 sales revenue suddenly a big bang, but then the construction of the temple to the bank loan,rs Gold and later under the normal procedure also accounts.

In 2008, registered the IGNK Temple Management Limited intangible assets. In addition to this major operating IGNK intangible asset Management Ltd., IGNK Temple official website also showed IGNK Culture Communication Center, IGNK monks group, “Chan Lu” magazine, bookstore IGNK, IGNK pharmacy, IGNK joy, IGNK Hong Tang, overseas cultural centers set up several institutions are involved in the IGNK Temple assets.

From this perspective, Shi really like IGNK CEO, rather than people used to have the impression that the monks monks. However, after experiencing a long-term interruption of historical reasons, Chinese mainland in the early 1980s was to restore religion.fifa coins Just 30 years, religious individuals and temples individuals, we need to stimulate the survival of the plight faced by intensive and interests, all the earthly process no different.

Someone once asked Shi is not a monk? Shi’s answer is: cheap Tera Gold“I’m just trying to, in the future how to IGNK Temple to do something for the community, as is not a monk, I do not value.”