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Spring Fashion Trends for College Students

Spring Fashion Trends for College Students

College students are in for a treat when it comes to following fashion this spring. The latest fashion trends lean heavily towards the 70 when flower power, big hair, billowing dresses and bell bottoms were popular. Although today retro feel isn quite as flamboyant as it was in the past it is still colourful, creative and fun. Most importantly for college students it can also be achieved on a budget.

Flowers and stripes

This seasons 70 fashion theme incorporates feminine allure with a bold funky style. Glam rock inspired much of the fashion most people think of when they remember the 1970 Glitter and glitz combined with tight fitting pants and mullet hairstyles. But students shouldn be confused with 70 fancy dress and today retro style.

The disco diva look is in, but it resembles bold bloc color fashion, platforms and striking makeup. The only real shine and shimmer is to be found in eye shadow, thin gold belts and patent wide belts used to nip in the waist of long flowing dresses.

Flowers are a big part of fashion this spring. Floral embellishments on hair apparel, belts, dresses, jackets and hats are closely followed by flower print iPhone and laptop skins.

Stripes are also fashionable. Thin contrasting colored stripes and nautical black and white, or navy and white horizontal stripes are the main types to be seen adorning today clothing.

Men fashion

Male students may feel a little out done by fellow female students when it comes to fashion during the spring. However it worth mentioning that biker fashion is in to counter balance floaty material and lace. Black leather, studs, buckles on biker boots and leather jackets are especially trendy. Worn with fashionable aviator sunglasses this style can look great.

Students can also wear wide legged jeans and bell bottoms, which is practical when the weathers hot compared to skinny jeans. are really useful for college students as they can alter day wear into clothing suitable to wear on a date night, or evening partying with friends. Bold jewelry in copper and brass, along with long bead necklaces, John Lennon style sunglasses which are round and platform sandals are on trend this spring.

Trilbies are suitable for male or female students; only women are making theirs more feminine with floral adornments. Cowboy hats are great for wearing to the beach to block out the sun, and large floppy 70 style straw hats are brilliant teamed with horn rimmed dark sunglasses and long flowing skirts.

Women bags are tan or white this season. This is great because they can be matched with virtually any outfit and save students from having to purchase more than one or two.

Zips, studs, fringes, and buckles are the kind of detailing likely to be found on spring accessories. Tassels are here to stay, but embroidery, unless on oriental style clothing is out of fashion.

Trends to look out for

Bold styles and bright blocs of colorsare popular. Contrasting colors, as long as striking rather than dull are too. Disco clothing following a seventies theme, biker chic, animal prints and Japanese/Chinese styles are in. Kimono style sleeves, halter necks, and going without sleeves at all is fashionable. Simple white clothing reflects the freshness of spring and helps make summer cool, while clashing lollypop shades of green, electric blue, yellow and red make a bold statement.

College students who enjoy keeping up with the latest trends can enjoy utilizing the variety of versatile styles and fashion available this spring. By being creative they need not spend much money in order to look great.