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In this way, they have upgraded 10 software versions buy fifa 18 coins 1 year, effectively improving the accuracy and reliability of the GNC system under engineering constraints, and making the buy fifa 18 coins smarter and more autonomous , The original need to intervene in the ground to the work of the sun on the 1st computer autonomy … … fifa coins for the cargo buy fifa 18 coins GNC sub-system testing team members Li Mingming said,The first test of the spacecraft is a painful iterative process, because it will always find the problem, and then design buy fifa 18 coins, and then test … … “from August 2012 to May 2014, we are mostly at 90 pm get off work.” Work In the team members “Everyone has a heart on the ‘fine’ ‘string'”. For buy fifa 18 coins, the power test phase, they are responsible for the data table has more than 600 pages, need to focus on more nhl hut coins 3,000 parameters. “Each parameter changes are likely buy fifa 18 coins reflect the characteristics of the system performance,