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Lions official announced the employment of Patricia as the new coach

On Monday, US Patriarchs mut coins defense coordinator Matt Patricia officially became the new Lions head coach. Lion General Manager Bob Quinn mut 18 coins said Patricia is a leader who can lead the lion to the next level. Quinn said: “He is waiting for such an opportunity throughout madden coins his career, he is ready to accept the challenge, to assume responsibility.Matt has the desire for success, passion and full preparation for the game.He has a Detroit iconic Blue-collar spirit. ”


Patricia said: “I am very honored and very grateful to have the opportunity to serve as the Detroit lions head coach.Thanks to Mrs Fort and her family, thank Rod – Wood (Rod Wood), and Bob – Quinn Trust and support. “Lion Rock started a new chapter in this position that takes on a great deal of responsibility, and from now on I will contribute my every bit of energy to this team. My family is also happy As a member of the city, citizens are passionate about the team for all to see, and I am also indebted to the New England Patriots, with particular thanks to Robert Kraft and Jonathan – Jonathan Kraft and their family, I will treasure the precious experience of the past 14 years.


“Finally, I want to express my gratitude and gratitude to Bill Belichick, my unrivaled mentor who has been my good friend except rugby and taught me how to be a real man I learned a great deal from him and it was these that helped me to come to this day and, fortunately, I had the chance to work with the greatest coach in NFL history.Now I will dedicate myself wholeheartedly to the Lion Look forward to my new story to be written in Detroit. “