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frequently appears in some large man’s speech

Although the Hugo Award by the US right-wing forces interference,Albion Online Gold resulting in some excellent works not nominated, but very frankly, as Liu Cixin – or fans “three-body”, heard the big winner Liu still very happy.

As a small minority literature in China, whether it is science fiction writers or science fiction fans are a small group of indulging in “Our journey is sea stars” guy – for them, this planet is too small. But very interesting it is that, in recent years, due to the “three-body” in the accident popular Chinese Internet circles, the novel “high-dimensional fight low-dimensional” under the terms of the special context and “dark forest” and frequently appears in some large man’s speech, had micro-Bo Lei Jun said: “In the Jinshan Group strategy meeting, spent a lot of time to share read” three-body “experience, in which philosophical reason for the company three to five years to develop strategies very helpful ʱ??

Ah,Tera Gold maybe changing new economy, so business theory are a bit to keep up, it has long been “barbaric growth,” the Chinese Internet sector stumbled, a philosophical framework called “three-body” science fiction epic set in the , even in a very long period of time coincident with the circle of chaos, cruelty, and frustration: no bottom line competition, giant dog eat dog annexation, startups carefully in the dark in the front row, have a strong sense of substitution ʱ?? Thus, the film about the future of humanity hard sci-fi Internet community was quickly regarded as a model, even for a lot of commercial activity became a supplementary endorsement.

Remember last year in the global Chinese science fiction Nebula Award on a sub-forums, including Liu Cixin including several science fiction writers and carved Lord, as the representative of Internet Xiangdong people “dark forest and the Internet” to talk about, in fact, the topic itself is slightly was science fiction, Liu Cixin once told me in an interview: “Science fiction is a literature about the possibility, but in all likelihood, the” three-body – then the Internet community is so enthusiastic, “the show is the worst of the universe.” to investigate this “dark forest”, it is the completion of a collective self black Mody ……

Undeniably, the “three-body” in the so-called “cosmic sociology,” the logical starting point, indeed quite similar with the Internet economy, such as: survival is the first demand of the universe civilization (in my opinion, whether or startups giant pursuit Foundation Evergreen is a delusion thinking industrial society, survival is always the first requirement); civilization is growing and expanding, but the total universe of matter remains unchanged (under the so-called Internet “attention economy”, whether PC or mobile terminal end, the contents were tested exponentially, but when everyone basically fixed daily duration of the Internet, attention resources are very limited) …… So, “three-body” deduced: In the dark the vast universe, there are other civilizations once found, You should immediately destroy this civilization, called “destroy you, and you ware” – this sentence domineering as signature also been a number of Internet companies often linked to mouth.

But in fact, the Internet war likened the dark forest is not logical. In the “three-body”, the universe of sociology there are two basic conditions: First, the two civilizations apart, with the span of the universe-level information gap, the objective can not communicate; second, imagine the difference between species, whether the other side not necessarily belong to carbon-based organisms, with the universe level of “speak the same language.” Thus, in order to extend their own civilization, the destruction will become the only option. But these two points do not exist in the present business community – the Internet has revolutionized human information dissemination, in a circle, you and your “enemy” may be the body in the same micro-channel group, may also be seen in the real world bow see the rise even aware of all the other cards. So, in the Internet business war to exterminate others can, but do not tacky to apply “dark forest” logic. In fact, I like Liu Cixin said: “In some states, an Internet business that may exhibit some elements of dark forests, such as the two sides may be in some other direction, toward the worst idea into a prisoner’s dilemma in the Internet business war, But I think this state is only partial, phased, the development of the kind depicted in the novel is not an extreme state of dark forest. “