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D-Suarez: likes to play with Massey; rotation is very helpful

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In mid-20s, England defender Ferdinand has recently been interviewed by the London Evening News, saying he has been playing for boxing with his childhood. “One of my kids had a pair of gloves that Henry – Cooper had worn, and we had a man who played the referee and the other two were boxing.

“There was no technical representative at the time, and no coach would tell you where you did it, and we were the one who came to see who could win.”

Today, 38-year-old Ferdinand entered the boxing, not only that, he also set his own goal in the next year to win a British light heavyweight competition champion.

Manchester United won 10 championships and played for the England national team 81 times Ferdinand know that after the announcement of this decision will suffer a lot of criticism, but he did not worry about it.

“What do I want to say to those critics? Yes, you will support me, that’s great.I know that many people will say that I can not do this.To prove that they are wrong is definitely a motive for me. I was the same when I was playing, and it was the same.

Ferdinand, who retired from the pitch, became a respected guest, (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but he was reluctant to live and decided to re-enter the sport and join a very intense sport.

“One of the things I have ever missed since retiring from the football field in 2015 was the kind of competition, whether it was the team’s point of view or the individual’s one-on-one to face the other forward, and I was missing the body I have no way of finding something to replace it, and it ‘s a good way to get it back.

“I do this for a lot of reasons, I come to boxing, want to make it as a man, a person of a life experience.I can change the sports? I can in other sports projects become respected athletes? The body can be? Mentality, I can do 5,6 o’clock in the morning when the black is still very cold to get up, go to run, run full of mud, home with my children go to school, and then back Gym and continue healthy diet? ”

“Many people will sit there watching fist games or other sports games, and they will say, ‘I can do this’ or ‘they are engaged in.’ There are always a lot of people who talk about the paper.

“And I’m really going to do it.”

Ferdinand as a player’s best advantage is his unwavering determination for his own goals, which will benefit him, but as the father of three children, some people will question why he should put himself in a Dangerous situation.

“Many people told me, ‘You’re crazy, what are you doing?’ But I’ve always made my own ideas, and I’ll make those decisions I want to do.”

“No one tried to persuade me to let me do it because they knew me.I did not need to think too long.When they came to ask me to play no fist, I immediately answered: ‘OK, yes, let me Listen to those details.

“Maybe it’s something in my heart, it will give me a focus, a sense of purpose.I am not hesitant now, only excitement.When I stepped into the fist to suffer a few words after the spray, maybe it will change. ”
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