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Part of my tattoo fell off

Part of my tattoo fell off

Let me first say that I have been going to the same place and person for 13 years so I know his work. That is why I am a bit surprised. OK So I went for my new tattoo on April 4th. The tattoo has 3 hearts around the word love. Each heart symbolizes one of my children.

Well the tattoo has been scabbing like it should except that one of the hearts was shrinking and puffy. Last night it fell off and took all the color with it. I have never had this happen before. Has anyone ever had this happen or heard of it happening? I called the studio this morning and left a message, but I I wont hear back until this afternoon.

My BF is REALLY bad a taking care of tattoos. thankfully nothing happens to his, but you have to keep LOTS of stuff(whatever lotion you use) on it, till the scab falls off, cause that will happen.

i have one spot on my foot tattoo that did that. the artist when a little deep, because of where it was the skin was thicker, so i have a star that is susposed to be red, but has like a perfect circle inside it thats not colored.