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Women’s Fashion Bags

Women’s Fashion Bags

What is your first impression about Pochette Milla MM? As far as I am concerned, it is a combination of loveliness and lifelikeness. Do you know what does this kind come from? It is named after the model and actress of many skills, that is Milla Jovovich. Just as Milla Jovovich was famous in the artistic circle, Louis Vuitton Pochette Milla MM has been one of the popular purses in the fashion kingdom. The bag also has a nice printed Monogram pattern and gorgeous details. However, I have no access to it. Judging from its look, I guess that its handle must be soft and cozy. This kind of Louis Vuitton Purse is high end and elegant along with the shiny golden brass pieces. Besides, the shape is full of feminine temperament and the craftsmanship is complicated which can match your clothes for evening parties.

The measurement is 8.6″ x 4.3″. It is spacious and you can put what you have to along with you, such as tissue, cell phone, files and so on. The handle and the zipper also add chic to the bags and also supplys it comfortable to hold in hand. It also has other colors, brown and grey. Get ready? It is time you choose one for yourself.

Winter is assaulting us. Do you have enough clothes or do you have warm caps or gloves to keep out of the cold? If you are still looking for the winter outfits, I can recommend some pretty good choices to you. They are the array of whole winter outfits of Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton is so kind to introduce the wide range of winter outfits to the LV fans. Buy some pieces for yourself to protect yourself from the cold winter or send some pieces as the presents for your relatives and friends, they will feel your sincerity.

caps or gloves that Louis Vuitton offers are the favourite accessories of girls and ladies. Brilliant design of iconic LV logo and Monogram florals plus stars, snowflakes and Eiffel towers combined together to give femine temperament into full play. Well, the colors are sophisticated and drawing matching are also very complicated. These absolutely necessary ornaments were inspired by the classical Scandinavian knits. Other kinds of colors are also available, rubis and brown. For Maille Flocon Cap, texture is made of 91% wool and 9% viscose while Maille Flocon Gloves, texture is made of 93% wool and 7% viscose. You can imagine how soft and warm they are. I guess you must love this series. You can gain warmth and trend at the same time. Have a strong love for the chic series and afraid of the lack of functionality? This can no more be a question. Just buy LV winter outfits.

Louis Vuitton Trevi series was inspired by the famous pool of vow Fontana di Trevi It is also widely known with the help of Audrey Hepburn “Roman Holiday”. Trevi is made of classic Monogram canvas checkerboard grid. The lining is red and bright. The reasons for why it has been the most favorite series are that Trevi applys the design of dual purpose shoulder and hand straps. They are absolutely practical. It is said that Trevi is divided into two types, GM and PM with slight differences from the other series such as GM, MM, PM and so on. Among so many types, GM has the largest size with a measure of 46cm 28cm 20cm while PM has the smallest size with a measure of 36cm 21cm 16cm.

handbags are spacious so that the average PM is enough. They also have exquisite details and gold accessories. Trevi GM is about 11.5 thousand yuan in domestic counters and Trevi PM is about 8500 yuan in domestic counters. The exquisite red lining is also eye catching with two sacks for storaging things. The line of handbags are destined to weigh much because of the solid workmanship. Take a sideview of it, you will find the volume is still very delicate if with a reasonable use of the capacity of the handbag. Adjustable shoulder strap hasp as well as the wrinkle for the folded pattern is the quality of Louis Vuitton which has always embodied. Gold buckle, as well as the underside leather stitching is an extremely elegant. The golden locks are printed with the logo of Louis Vuitton, a ubiquitous expression of the taste and style that top brands bring to you.

This bag gives me a mixture of feelings when I first saw it. That time I could not simply define what I felt. Love, no! Hate, neither!

is a bird cage shoulder bag. Yes it has a unique design and you can not find some similiar items like this one. I can tell you more concerning this bag. As for Seinfeld fans, I guess you have heard that the retirement community Jerry’s parents live in Florida, Del Boca Vista.

And in my opinion, this is just the bag appropriate for the retirees. It is also advisable to pair with a inspired clothing. Anyway, the above is just a joke and I have gone too far. To go back to this special bag, the leather is black and the color of the hardware is black. In addition, the colorful bird cage finishes are all for the statement. Maybe someone like Carrie Bradshaw will choose this one for the special look. Others, I am not sure, espcially the amazing price. It is a bit fun to own a bag with my same name. I love even Marc Jacobs very deeply. I also love quilted Marc Jacobs design. And this bag to me is something fantasitc and bold. To be honest, I just can not stand the garish birds and the items of tropical themes. If the birds are replaced by some other things, to say flowers and golden chain is replaced by a silver one, it will be much better. But some will oppose to me. They said that without the birds, it couldn be as good as now. say smart and strangely beautiful and in a certain sense it reflects their fashion sense.

“The Louis Vuitton Mahina name is inspired by the crescents and phases of the moon; in Polynesian culture, Mahina is a lunar deity.”

The bag comes dressed in a meticulous and precise perforated flower and Louis Vuitton monogram pattern fabric with contrast topstitching and double rolled leather handle straps that are long enough to carry over the shoulder or on your forearm. This handbag also features a hook closure secured by a flap and clasp with the Louis Vuitton signature, an internal zippered pocket and a D ring for attaching a pouch or key holder (which you will need if you go with the xxl), and side buckles for adjusting the size and bottom studs for protection. Measurements of the Louis Vuitton Mahina XXL Handbag are 32.3 x 16.5 x 11.4. It is roomly to carry on for daily life, it is also suitalbe for party in night because it is special design.

Louis Vuitton is a classical brand, yet Chanel doesn pale beside this big brand. Chanel has a lasting feature and its designs bring forth the new through the new. The latest arrival of vintage feel are available at lvbagmall. It is Vinyl Bag under the big name of Chanel. It is so chic. As for its feature, viny handbag straps with signature and the linkage with a black letter Cs have to be mentioned. The demension of this bag is 12.5H x 16.5L x 4.5.

search this bag in the Internet. A heated discussion is going on online. A lot of people said that it was not or her of tea. They named it as a clear bag and a plastic bag. The reasons why they were against this bag was mostly concerning the material. They complained that people could see through the bag. Whatever in the bag can be absolutely clear in others eyes. second reason is that they are amazed at the astonishing price. Some even said that who bought this bag to be crazy that needs therapy. It costs Some just said that it was foolish to buy a plastic bag at this price. There are the negative viewpoints of the majority.

As far as I am concerned, Chanel is the epitome of timeless style and vintage. It always offer the chic appropriate bags. This opinion is shared by one netter in the Internet. She also said that she would not mind paying so much for a Chanel with nice leather. From this, you can see she weighs the quality and material more. To me, even though it isn my thing but I really want to own a vinyl bag. In my mind, it looks good but not functional. Besides, I am a casual person and I want to have a bag which does need me to the inside of my bag well organized.

What is your opinion? Will you spend so much on such bag?

It is known to us all that one of the most famous brand in the handbag industry is Coach. Thousands of Coach fans go after Coach bags series after series. It is the winner not only based on the unique styles but also excellent quality.

Today I want to share with you a new arrival, Coach Kristin Collection. series has all the qualities of Coach except the Coach signature logo. The color is pastel and graceful. It also has a wide range of colors such as ivory, pink, amber and so on. Some are gold while some are pewter. And the polished closure is a vital factor when you hold it on hand.

I am haunted by the embossed zip top tote. The camel leather gives me an energetic feeling and not being too strong. It can be used on all occasions. The double top handles are with a design of chain link strap and front pocket.

The most chic part of the bag is the feminine clutch and the pastel color. Pink, metallic and a tonal chain strap are perfect for both daily and evening. The size is also practical.

I prefer those that both have straps of mixed chain and in the shades of pink, coral and amber. What is your favor?

Today is Christmas. Maybe you have sent out your Christmas gifts for your friends and relatives. What have you prepared for them? Did you choose handbags for one or two persons? Perhaps you have missed our guide. It doesn matter. I have collected some best sellers for you to appreciate. In the following days, if you want to buy a handbag for your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, mother or friend, the information might be of use.

The recommended handbags for you to buy are divided into 5 parts. Hereinafter we see some details.

From leopard to snake to tweed, they are attention robber. This kind of choice can spice up something. If you don’t want the print or pattern to be the focus, you can add some accessory. The following bag is that of Marc Jacobs.