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After the fifa 18 coins incident

After the incident, Luo Gang like from evaporation, no news. Considering fifa 18 coins parents of Luo Gang family in Chongqing, Yuzhong District People’s Procuratorate fifa 18 coins had to choose the squat “stupid way.” the annual Spring Festival, Yuzhong District procuratorate prosecutor will go to the nearby Luo Gang parents home, see if you can catch the fifa 18 coins suspects. However, over the years, in addition to the constant turnover of prosecutors and police officers squatting outside, there is no harvest in.2002, Luo Gang’s fifa 18 coins died. Before his death, the old man has been thinking of the three years did not have to meet. . investigators speculated that Luo Gang fifa coins go home at this time. fifa 18 coins, until after the funeral, Luo Gang did not appear. Year after year, focus on this seemingly simple case into the annual Yuzhong District procuratorate work plan will be repeated.fifa 18 coins Luo Gang, where have you been, and what is the breakthrough point of this case, investigators are still not found. nba 2k18 mtpseudonym “Zengmou, married then settled in fifa 18 coins, where’s Luo Gang?