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Week 2, Green Bay Packers away 23:34 loss to Atlanta Falcon

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2017 Nian 9 Yue 18 Beijing time morning 8:30 , the NFL second Zhou Zhou night game started, working off the Green Bay Packers Atlanta, against the Falcons. Green Bay Packers face more serious injuries, starting with T David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga , as well as the introduction of the new messenger LB Ahmad Brooks , are unable to play.

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Falcons from 14 yards at the first attack, Falcon quarterback Ryan two pass to Julio Jones, quickly advance to the Green Bay front, the Falcon cover pull people did not blow Foul, runaway Freeman red ball touchdowns. Falcon 7: 0 leading packer, time only 5 minutes.

Packers began to attack, hard to win a few first attack, Nelson seems to hurt off the rest. Once again the falcon pull people did not blow, the referee finally blow the falcon pull people, to help the packer to win the key first attack. Montgomery began to play, a rush to advance to the front, but also under the cover of the whole guard, rushed into the array area touchdowns. Falcon 7: 7 Packers

Falcon team attack, Ryan pass both have a large deviation, and in the third gear was sacked, can only be kicked. Packers did not get the first attack, abandoned kick. Falcon this attack is relatively smooth, Julio Jones won a long code number of first attack, running back Freeman red ball touchdowns. Falcon 14: 7 Packers

Packers attack, Rogers was sacked, and ultimately failed to get the first attack, packaging workers abandoned kick. Falcons continue to play the power of Jones, advancing to the packer’s halftime, the packer finally made a good defense, Matthews sack Ryan , Falcon 51 yards free kick scored. Falcon 17: 7 Packers

Packers attack is not smooth, the offensive front is difficult to withstand the Falcon pressure, Rogers repeated pressure under the ball is not, abandoned kick. Packers defensive team meritorious service, security guard Burnett key defense, falcon abandoned kick. But the packer twice foul, in particular, the referee a big controversy sentenced Packers 80 hinder the passing, blowing off the Cobb half of the advance, the formation of the first half of the turning point, Rogers standing in the array area long pass Alison was Steals. Ryan took only 28 seconds, several times the last pass to Coleman touchdowns. Falcon 24: 7 Packers. Packers no longer use the remaining time, the end of the first half.

The second half of the opening, the packer was hit again. Attack striker useless, three shock Rogers, Rogers rush shot, the referee penalty Rogers pass is not a forward pass, the falcon picked up the ball directly back to touchdowns. Falcon 31: 7 Packers.

Packers change the play, continuous fast short pass to advance to the front, but the referee again controversy, blowing WR Alison cover foul, directly to the Cobb touchdowns. Rogers was sacked, Cobb failed to seize the third gear pass, the Packers shot score. Falcon 31:10 Packers.

Falcon runaway Freeman scored the first attack, Packers defensive group sack Ryan , (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
falcon 53 yards free kick score. Falcon 34:10 Packers.

Rogers was drastic. Midfielder position four strong, pass Adams won the first attack. Before the array area, Rogers continued fourth gear attack, wonderful long pass Adams touchdowns, but the two points did not change. Falcon 34:16 Packers.

Falcon three offensive unsuccessful, abandoned kick. Rogers quick short tactics continue to work, Adams and Montgomery play well, Rogers short pass Montgomery touchdowns. Falcon 34:23 Packers.

Falcon Freeman , Jones , Sanu continue to play well, won several first attack, drag the time within 2 minutes. Rogers wanted to advance to the free kick position, but was eventually stopped by the Falcon defense team. The end of the game, Falcon 34:23 Packers win, both sides have paid a lot of the cost of the wounded.

Data: Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers 50 pass 33 , 343 yards 2 touchdowns 1 times was steals, 1 off the ball lose the ball, was sacked 3 times. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan 28 pass 19 , 252 yards a pass touchdowns.
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