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Tattooing in Milledgeville

Tattooing in Milledgeville

If you are looking for a quality tattoo with longevity and one that you will be proud of then Wayne Street Tattoo Company is the place to go. WSTC is located in historic Milledgeville on Wayne Street near the corner of Wayne Street and Hancock Street. The shop has been opened since October of 2006 and offers the best in custom tattoos and artwork. If you are tired of the stereotypical tattoo shop and are looking for a new tattoo experience come on by and WSTC will show you that tattooing can be high class. Thomas Kimberly is owner and operator of Wayne Street Tattoo Company. He hails from Barnesville, Georgia and has been tattooing for six years. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Georgia Tech in Industrial Design. So if you are looking for an artist with actual artistic skill, Thomas Kimberly is your man. He offers mainly custom work and is willing to help design a tattoo if you are not quite sure what you are looking for.

Thomas Kimberly prides himself on his ability to create exactly what the customer wants and he will always bend over backwards to get what you need. Wayne Street Tattoo Company prides itself on its medical grade cleanliness. You will not find a cleaner shop or a shop that caters to the customer like WSTC does in middle Georgia.

Wayne Street Tattoo Company is not like your average tattoo parlor. You will not see walls lined with flash sheets nor will you find him selling sex toys or drug paraphernalia. Wayne Street Tattoo Company prides itself on its artistic environment and hopes to give off the vibe of real art. Thomas Kimberly wants the world to know that tattooing is an actual art form and that even though there are shops out there that seem to only be attracted to money, he is only attracted to creating real art you will love and cherish.

The ability to create art drives Thomas to be the best tattooist he can be and you won’t be disappointed because the second you step in the shop you will feel like you are number one.

So if you are in the Milledgeville area and are looking for a great tattoo experience that does not involve the mass production of the same tattoo over and over, come and check Wayne Street Tattoo Company out. The shop is open five days a week and will cater to your scheduling needs. WSTC is a great addition to all the historic places in Milledgeville and hopes to become a landmark in this beautiful town.

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