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Fashion Trends among Doctors and Nurses Working in Hospitals

Fashion Trends among Doctors and Nurses Working in Hospitals

As far back as Euripides {480 406 BC} man wanted to know how to dress. “Know who you are and then dress yourself accordingly”.

Around the world, there are many views on what type of “fashion” is appropriate for doctors and nurses. The culture and the environment influence the medical dress code. It has been said that dress gains one’s respect. They have questions on “whether dress acts as a barrier to communication.” Or perhaps, ” shows that the job you do is worthy.”

In Greece, doctors say they like the white coat, because it “creates a mental distance between the doctor and a patient” although they debate, if that is really what they want.

In Nigeria, medical schools still frown on women wearing trousers. Men must wear shirts with matching ties, and socks, and their trousers, must be tailored. However, they consider” the white coat a good friend.”

Fashion is not the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of your doctor or nurse. However, how they are dressed and the image it portrays is subtle.

The fast moving medical profession seldom stands still long enough for you to see what they are wearing. What might linger in your mind is their persona. Most patients want their doctors and nurses to look professional.

Depending on the area of health care, the fashion for the medical profession may vary. In the Pediatricians office. The staff may choose their fashion according to their specialty. Thus, it would not be a surprise if Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck characters on scrubs, competed with the more conservative wear.

Clothing for both physicians and nurses , need to be functional. Scrubs, by design are casual and suitable in the hands on areas of care. They are colorful and less inhibiting for patients. Especially if they are susceptible to the “white coat syndrome.” They are loosely fitted and offer greater opportunity for the physical movements needed in caring for patients, as well as their easy care and maintenance.

For those that like the professional “cloak ” the lab coat is the best stand by. Some physicians and nurses like wearing their own clothes rather than a uniform. The lab coat can be in many colors. However, most professions like the classic white.

There is now discussion going on in health care that the lab coats that physicians wear, may be the source of MRSA and MSSA infections.

MRSA has been found on bedsheets, towels and even doctors neck ties. And lives on hard surfaces for up to three weeks. British doctors have been ordered to ditch traditional lab coats because The National Health Service has determined that they unwittingly were spreading super bugs; MRSA and other hospital acquired infections from patient to patient, on the cuffs of the coats. Doctors will now have to work with bare forearms. They will be donning plastic aprons during clinical work.

The best fashion for doctors and nurses will be designed and worn according to today’s health care needs. Best practices come before fashion. In the health care system today, that means, looking good and clean.