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The future of Shanghai mut 18 coins

The future of Shanghai crude oil futures price mut 18 coins function will go through three stages of continuous improvement and sublimation. The first stage, a high liquidity of futures contracts. mut 18 coins oil futures traded is the Middle East crude oil based on CIF value, will build a future relationship with international oil prices in arbitrage, thus becoming an effective mut 18 coins hedge, continue to domestic customers to accept, in order to consolidate and enhance liquidity. In the second stage, madden mobile coins cheap will become the domestic crude oil mut 18 coins market price The benchmark futures contracts. With the opening and development of the domestic spot market of crude oil, Shanghai crude oil futures prices will mut 18 coins the transfer prices in the spot market, OTC real, mobile madden coins goods will gradually reference crude oil futures index, to further expand the scale of derivative transactions, and thus mut 18 coins the benchmark crude oil domestic oil spot market.