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Three Essential Fashion Accessories

Three Essential Fashion Accessories

Bras transforming the humblest breasts into Pamela Anderson 18th century bar wench beasts what, am I trying out for a gig at Hooters? And finally, wearing and paying a lot of cash for eyewear that makes me look like Buddy Holly. These are things that I really, really don’t need.

What I need are some basic accessories that matter substantive items that can help me cut a figure (as my fashion forward grandmother Bea would say). So I’m laying out some must have but sometimes costly fundamentals that can make or break an outfit, and I’m doing it with the change I found between my couch cushions and the back of my car. Zenni Optical offers a ton of eyewear (some of it inadvertently retro and some of it chic), which start at $8 a pair and that includes prescription lens. If you wear glasses and/or you have a fetish for eyewear (looking at you, Elton J), than you know that $8 is an unheard of price for glasses. In fact, $250 is pretty average for a pair of prescription glasses. I’ve ordered my prescription glasses and sunglasses from Zenni for five years now, and I have many, many pairs light green, red, black, brown, grey, tortoise shell. The catch is that you have to be familiar with eyeglass shapes that look good on you, and you have to be willing to wait two weeks for your shipment, because these glasses are literally arriving on a slow boat from China.

Your Breast Friend

If we learned anything from Oprah, we learned that living our best selves requires living our best breast selves. So off we go to find a good bra with silhouette enhancing superpowers. This is especially important for breast tissue that’s morphed its way through pregnancy and childbirth. Things are not the same anymore, especially if you are a C plus cup. Enter the workhorse of bras, Playtex style 4138. Wide straps, “side smoothing” technology and a cup that does not encourage spill over is what this bra has going for it. But I have a problem paying $40 plus for a bra. Also, I like to wear a hoochie shirt every once in a while, and I can attest that this bra is great for clingy shirts and has plenty of gravity defying architecture built in.

The Not Mom Mom Shoe

Clarks Harwich Sailor Wedges were the shoe of choice for me last summer when I was in Paris negotiating the cobblestone streets while attempting to project some semblance of sartorial prowess amongst the world’s most glamorous ladies and gentlemen. What I like about them is that they’re secretly a mom shoe, though in comfort only. The wedge is high enough to give your calf shape a boost, and the style can go from day to evening. They’re sort of like if your Dansko clogs had the ability to cloak themselves in a hologram of pretty, high heeled sandals.