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What are the different colors of jewelery?

People on the color of jewelry, often based on personal preferences to choose, so the experts believe that the color is character, and each color has a certain meaning: 1, red: that vitality, health, enthusiasm and 4, green: that youth, peace and vitality; 5, Qing Qi: that hope, strong and solemn; 6, green, and so on; 3, yellow: that gentle, bright and happy; 4, green: 8, gold: that glorious, luxurious and brilliant; 9, white: that pure, sacred and refreshing; 10, black: that mysterious, beautiful and gorgeous; , Silence and sorrow.

What is “k gold”?

As the use of pure gold jewelry is too soft, it is difficult to set out a variety of exquisite style, especially when inlaid pearls, precious stones and jade and other treasures are easy to be lost, so from ancient times, people know that in the pure gold by adding a small amount of silver , Copper, zinc and other metals to increase the strength and toughness of gold, so made of gold ornaments, known as decorated gold. To determine the gold in the gold content of the production is called “gold”, English is karat, generally translated as “open”, according to the English prefix can also be referred to as “K”, therefore, jewelry, also known as Cartier love bracelet replica “K” gold. Generally known as pure gold for the 24K, that is, the theoretical gold content of 100%, therefore, 1K on behalf of the gold ornaments with pure gold accounted for 1/24, about 4.16%. China’s consumption habits generally use 24K, 18K, and in some countries in Europe and America commonly used 14K or 12K gold inlaid jewelery.

What is “gold jewelry” and “platinum jewelery”?

All gold jewelry and gold jewelry can be called “gold jewelry”, with precious metal “platinum” produced gold called “platinum jewelry”, because the platinum metal in the crust in the distribution of gold is more dispersed, difficult Was extracted, so platinum jewelry is higher than the price of gold jewelry.

How to buy jade bracelet?

In all kinds of jade jewelry, the largest production of jade is the largest jade bracelet, the highest value is the bracelet, in the experience of the jade carving division know that when a piece of jade without cracks and can be used as a bracelet, the first must strive Processed into a bracelet.

1, select the bracelet to carefully observe whether the bracelet crack (refers to the secondary broken crack, often horizontal distribution), to each Cartier love ring replica bracelet front, back, inside, outside for a comprehensive observation, with particular attention to sewing jade Bracelet red line shelter with or without cracks or damage, because the serious crack is a fatal injury bracelet.

2, to use keen eyes to find the defects (including the emergence of black or yellow spots on the bracelet, white “stone” and the original is not broken jade pattern); also pay attention to the shape of the bracelet is a park, The thickness of the diameter is uniform, polished, whether clearance and so on.

3, pay attention to the size of the jade bracelet circle and the thickness of the track is in line with the needs of the buyer’s fat and thin and age, such as the elderly like a little thick way, and young people love the thin strips.

4, good bracelet should be “kind of colored”. “Kind” refers to the fine crystal clear and transparent; “color” mainly refers to the green, if the beautiful violet, cyan or chic “three-color jade” or “four-color jade” is also good. In general, we should keep in mind the following four formulas: first check crack anti-fatal, flaws to be less labor to fine, size is not difficult to deal with, “kind of colored” side boutique