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Renault Mégane 2016: power goes up to 233 km / h

French carmaker in recent days can not keep secrets under wraps. Just a few days ago in fact unofficially they came to light first prize Renault Talisman, now we have to change the specifications Mégane. Neither of their publication, the brand did not deserve, that aside the fact that obviously worth their assembly. Apart from these extra data leaked online color palette, which is why we know that the new generation will be available in eleven colors. While one is reserved only for the GT and three others to change along with this option you can not buy.

Let’s return back to the technical data, which result not so uninteresting as the aforementioned Renault Talisman]. Megane Although it is smaller and lighter, it may, in the case of top GT variants performance parts boast five horses in addition to its larger siblings. But that’s more or less positive ends, with basic models to be reckoned with not very impressive dynamics, which is determined using a volume of modest and not very powerful propulsion units. Like Talisman therefore greater volume than 1,6litrovým not expect.

The basis of the gasoline supply is 1,2litrový turbocharged four-cylinder Energy TCe 100, which, as the name suggests, have been in charge of 100 horses. To this is added 175 Nm of torque, and a hundred of this variant will overcome for 12.3 seconds, with a maximum accelerates to 179 km / h, according to the standard cycle consumes an average of 5.4 liters / 100km. There is however also a more powerful version of this engine Turbocharger UK tuned to 130 hp and 205 nm, with which the handle with 10.6 per hundred.

Followed by the offer of a smaller jump, another petrol variant is already mentioned Mégane GT. It is under the hood supercharged one-six, which gives a good 205 hp and 280 Nm. Unlike previous versions, however, it is the only choice seven-slot EDC, with which the car starts to move from zero to hundred in 7.1 seconds. Highest speed culminates value of 233 km / h, while the thirst was calculated to be equal to six liters per hundred kilometers.

We can move to diesels, which are represented 1,5litrovými and 1,6litrovými four-cylinder. In the case of smaller cubic capacity can reach 90 or 110 horses with higher performance can be transmitted to the front wheels in addition to the standard manual six-speed automatic as well. In his case, however, it is to be reckoned with acceleration to a hundred for 12.3 seconds, while the manual gearbox is more than a second faster. Weaker model for changing needs 13.4 seconds.

Over the dynamics of these units focus on consumption, in the case of standard cycle so you can get to just 3.3 l / 100 km. But the reality is likely to be different, and certainly depends on the work of your right foot. But these speculations aside and instead deliver the 1.6 liter turbo engine adjustable coilovers is complemented by one produces 130 hp and 320 Nm, which is associated with a ten-second sprint and a four liter consumption.

It will also be possible to reach even after the Energy dCi 165 version, which is a re-designed Renault Mégane GT, which allows for double charging. Performance is included in the name of the drive unit, then the torque is 380 Nm. However, since the diesel engine will be available later, not in the case of the data associated with the dynamics of consumption or known. But we know that with the manual again count.