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FIFA 15 UT forest for players Serie a striker rodrigo palacio by evaluating rodrigo palacio


  1. Enough speed (double speed, 86, 85, a balanced handle, a breakthrough speed)
  2. Soft handle (through sainz of seam) fifa coins sale
  3. The movement coquettish (movement to 86 jin kun, can succeed more easily in any Angle, even with a bottom the ball into the small plait is no solution to SAO) overhead

4.82 shot in Mr Putin to prick silk striker has been playing god

  1. Good ability to do the ball (short pass 79).


  1. Body antagonism is very general

2.3 star SM (destined not to do too much cost to live)

  1. Hard battle ability is insufficient, knife (my basic rodrigo palacio is a brace or hat, the next dumb fire)

GIF (LZ left my mobile phone camera in the Netherlands.) After a chance to make up slowly, but a generation of X1 do GIF’s trouble.

Formation adaptability

352 played with two strikers such as 4 star

(Mr Gbagbo can change after 60 minutes of vargas double fast shock formation)


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